Shazam - A timeline of DC comics by Arthur Dias Picture

When the young Billy Batson's parents were killed by Theo Adam (later known as Black Adam) he was sent to live with his uncle, who eventually expelled him and took all his inheritance. Billy happens to live in the streets, earns his living selling newspapers and hiding, until one day a hooded old man finds him and takes him to an unknown part of the subway, he is taken to a cave where his 7 mortal enemies are imprisoned . The old man sees the determination and goodness in the boy, and gives him great powers. Whenever the boy yells "Shazam!" Aloud, he is instantly struck by lightening, which gives him the appearance of a man of almost 30 years and powers. Each letter of the word Shazam represents a god of mythology who gives it its powers: Wisdom of Solomon, force of Hercules, force of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles and speed of Mercury make up the name of the hero.
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