sunsetter (part-profile, part-ask?) Picture

aaaand the second of my fankids - Shaw Strydom
half ask because his profile is not ready yet and questions will really help

as with Pace - false sign, false hue (yellow is the true one)
i'm not sure about true sign, but he has strong sulfur symbolics (as with Pace and mercury)
handle is SF, cause i couldn't make it with S (sulfur) only :C
Sibyl part+sulfur is clear, but i'm looking for the second part that will fit better

strife specibus - rulerkind (measuring tape at first)
modus - shape sorting (modified modus parents gave him when he was little)
Land ?!?!?!?! i can't again, help me. Frogs are obvious, but with all this SECRECY stuff in session name can be as well masked

Guardian - Butler (wow). Actually he's his... legal guardian, what's the english word (and genetically his "grandpa")
Current location - Scotland, big old house in some small town (not in a good state, was bought by his foster parents when coming to Scotland)
Rides a bicycle lol

Mythology nerd. Fashion nerd. Ok.
But really, he likes theatre costumes and really digs some retro fashion stuff
Usually looks calm, acts logically (well, at least tries to).
Pre-godtier, he can already see what's wrong with things which don't match their original shape/location
Hey, it could origin from his visual taste and vice versa!
More than Pace questions their First Guardian (who has strong wizard of Oz connections, i mean AT LEAST emerald glasses=her lies)

Still don't know his connection to trolls.

<3 Pace Crafter, obviously
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