Olympian Sailor Scouts Picture

I know it's not the most original idea, but I wanted to combine the Sailor Senshi and the Roman Gods/Goddesses with the same name. I had fun, though, trying to combine the two, and make it look good! See if you can find the symbols of each scout hidden on their outfit!

Mars - Being the God of War, I immediately thought of the stereotypical Roman soldier and Gladiator... Of course, I had to add a spear and shield, because it's the symbol of Mars. I really love her outfit, and it's probably one of the best visions come to life.

Mercury - Mercury is always shown with wings, so I included three different sets, on her helmet, her boots, and on her caduceus. I'm not sure I like her outfit as much as I did when I imagined it, but I think it looks good all together.

Diana (Moon) - The design I used was largely inspired by this statue: [link] I was really struggling with what colors to make her outfit, because she goes through so many different color combos... I eventually settled on white and pink, and it looks nice. Yes, I know her quiver is floating on her back, but she IS a moon goddess...

Jupiter - This was one of the more difficult designs, because the imagery associated with him is only a lightning bolt. So, I added that, plus a robe-like dress, and a crown of laurels as well. I like how it turned out, except for that lightning bolt!

Venus - I know it doesn't look like she is wearing very much, but the Goddess of Love is usually shown wearing a lot less! Because of the whole "emerging from the sea" myth, I added a belt of pearls, and the red roses in her hair are just what I associate with romance.

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