WTWE Ouroboros Symbol of Medicine Designs Picture

Since their venom is used to produce several medicines, Ouroboros is commonly seen incorporated into the symbol of medicine and medical practice throughout Celestine Empire and the Known World.

I designed out three designs for the symbol of medicine and medical practice, here's a brief explanations of all of them:

The one on the far left is my original concept design, using Nurse Redheart's cutie mark, with the Ouroboros wrapped around the cross. The CORRECT symbol of medicine and medical practice, the Rod of Asclepius, consist of the same layouts (albeit with a snake and a staff).

The one in the middle is by far the most excruciating one. Based on the Caduceus, which is commonly MISTAKEN as the symbol of medicine of medical practice. The Caduceus is the staff carried by Hermes from Greek Mythology and Mercury in Roman Mythology (The protector of merchants, gamblers, and thieves).

The one in the right is suggested by
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