Dido Picture

Inspiration from the Trojan War story of Greek/Roman mythology (I love my Latin class!!!)

For those who do not know of this, here's the summary of the story of Dido:
Once Priam of the Trojans was taken as prisoner to Greece, Aeneas and what remained of the large troops set out for revenge and to find shelter for the time being. After destroying one city because they denied refuge, they stumbled upon Carthage.
They were welcomed in and given shelter. For 6 years they remained in Carthage, and Aeneas fell inlove with it's Queen, Dido. Once they made themselves comfortable, Aphrodite/Venus sent Mercury down to deliver a message to Aeneas.
The message said he and his troops must leave the city. Aeneas told Dido he must leave, but he promised to return to her. He gave her his sword as a gift and a sign that he would be back. Then, another message was delivered to Aeneas.
It demanded urgency that he must leave pronto and must never return. Not having much time, he rounded his troops together in a hurry and left the city. As Dido watched every single one of the men, including Aeneas departing, and with no explanation at all, she was heart broken. In despair, she took Aeneas sword and stabbed herself.
(Then all her servant's killed themselves for her in ritual, and the guardians thought Aeneas killed her since it was his sword she had used, which sends more people out to kill them x.x BUT that's neither here or there)

well the tablet was used for her hair (need practice or definately). PSE3 for coloring, i suck at blood effects
hope you guys enjoy.

Mature Content for slight nudity and blood

art (c) me
Dido is obviously not my character, and I just summarized the story, I did not create it.
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