Loki's Redemption: 'I'm Sorry, Brother' Picture

This is my second and final official entry for the dA group "Loki's Redemption Project," located here: [link]

My official entry information is highlighted in bold below, and, in keeping with group rules, I request that it be affixed to my image:

My second submission to this fanbook for Mr. Hiddleston reprises the theme of my first: the relationship between Loki and Thor, and the way that it alone motivates the mercurial trickster to examine his conscience.

This mixed media drawing features both overt and hidden symbolism. It references the comics arc titled Siege and the events of Loki's martyrdom that take place during that arc. But it also refers to Mr. Hiddleston's very unique portrayal of Loki and the exciting possibility that he may one day act out this very moving moment in Loki's narrative. This is a psychologically driven portrait. Loki reflects on the many decisions he has made, helpful and harmful, and on the fact that Thor, however flawed, has been his champion and friend literally since Loki was an infant. Such reflection drives Loki to use the Norn Stones (pictured throughout the composition) to infuse Thor and his allies with the magical boost needed to defeat a daunting adversary known as "The Void."

I thought it fitting to write the runes for "Thor, I apologize" on three of the Norn Stones hovering through the image, because this is the heroic act that costs Loki his life, and he does it specifically as penance to his brother.

I hope I wrote the correct runes, LOL!
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