Sorin Half-Horn Picture

This is a school project I'm currently working on. We were told to make a children story, so I pondered the thought until I recalled my own mythology on unicorns.
Now, we all know those graceful and magical creatures in fantasy, but all of the stories I've heard of them so far are with female unicorns not male... And why do they have horns anyway?
Sure, Magic stuff... But still! That's not enough!
I think they use them for jousting matches to impress their mates. And when they feel threatened they hypnotize their attacker into falling into a trance, and when they're at their most venerable the Unicorn runs them through with their horns.

What I've got so far with this story is this male unicorn named Sorin, who breaks his horn in a jousting match and no one in his herd, has broken their horn before. So after his rivals disgrace Sorin, he comes across one of his friends, Willow, a unicorn that has the most magic skills of the herd. She tries to heal his horn, but the horn starts to backfire Sorin's spells.
So Willow sends Sorin on a quest to journey to the East, South, and West to find answers to help him heal his Horn.

So Sorin journeys to the eastern river lands to find a Mermaid named, Mercury, who was born with flying-fish fins instead of normal mermaid fins like her family. She was excluded from her family, because they thought she was a freak. But Sorin comforts her and takes a look at her flying fish fins. Suddenly they heard something screaming for help and spotted a Merrow *water-beast* dragging something away a small. Sorin attacked the Merrow while Mercury flew after the small creature. The Merrow gathered reinforcements, so Sorin and Mercury were forced to flee. Once they were safe, they found out the little creature they rescued was another young mermaid with an different set of fins than normal ones named, Sapphire, only this time they were stingray fins/flippers. Mercury decided to take in this outcast mermaid and leads Sorin through the eastern rivers, where she bids her friend farewell.
*We spot Sorin's horn slowly growing back*

Soon Sorin reaches the Southern forests where his is instantly attacked by a group of leprechauns *because he doesn't have green on him*. They kept pinching him until one of the leprechauns had placed his green hat on his broken horn to stop the fairy folk from tormenting the stranger. The leprechaun was named, O'mally, and his clan for giving up his gold that he was guard shunned him. But O'mally had given his gold to two orphaned children who were abandoned in the woods, so they could get food and shelter. Sorin offers to help O'mally to help search for gold so he could go back to being a guardian. Eventually they come across a giant rock that O'mally claims to have some gold inside, *I think Leprechauns can smell gold, to us it doesn't smell like much, but to them it smells like malted chocolate). So Sorin rams his hooves into the stone and out comes rivers of gold and jewels and a huge bright rainbow. O'mally thanks him for helping and shares some of his gold with Sorin, cause chances are he'll need that to deal with dragons and beasts in the Western gorges.
*Sorin's horn grows back a little more*

Sorin goes to the western gorges where he is greeted by a huge shadow. Sorin demanded the mysterious creature to come out and fight him, only to find the creature was a young three-headed dog pup named, Dusk, Jinx, and Blaze... Who doesn’t get along with its heads. Sorin notices that one of it's heads *Dusk* doesn’t look well, and keeps slumping his head as if to collapse or throw up. Jinx tells Sorin that his brother Blaze had seen a small creature pass by and he chased after it, dragging his brothers with him. It turned out the mysterious creature was a poisoness snake, and Blaze's brothers tired to defend him. But in the confusion Dusk got bitten and has been slowly dying. So Jinx takes out his anger and frustration over his dying brother on Blaze for his foolish mistake, because once Dusk dies they'll die too. Sorin offers to help the young Cerberus to find a cure for their injured brother with his gold that O'mally had given him. They travel through the fire geysers until they find an old dragon named Alabaster, who strange herbs and witches potion ingrediance, and one of them is a Mandrake, the perfect thing to cure Dusk. Sorin bargains with Alabaster to trade his gold for the Mandrake. But Alabaster gets annoyed by Jinx and Blaze who keeps growling rudely at him and mess around with his layer and refuses to give the Mandrake to them. So Sorin plots and Plans with the three-headed-pup to trick the drggon. So Jinx, Blaze, and the now half-unconscious Dusk distract Alabaster, while Sorin snuck around to get the mandrake. However when the mandrake was pulled from its soil, it let out a bloodcurdling scream that blows Sorin's cover. Alabaster had pinned the Cerberus pup to the ground and attempted to strike down Sorin, but with a small spark from his broken horn it ricocheted off of the walls and bottles until it hits the old Dragon in the chest. In the confusion Alabaster had accidentally struck his collection of sleeping drafts that burst into multicolored clouds of smoke. Sorin manages to hold his breath as the elderly dragon collapses into a deep sleep. As Sorin freed the three-headed-pup from Alabaster's claws, the pup's limbs give out from the snake poison. So Sorin quickly puckered open the mandrakes chest and drips a drop of it's nectar into each of the pups mouths. Jinx and Blaze wake up and waited for anticipation from their injured brother. Eventually Dusk comes to and the numb feeling of the poison vanishes. The Cerberus pup leads Sorin down a secret cavern of crystals where it was too small for dragons or other large beasts to follow.
Slowly after saying good-bye, Sorin's horn is almost healed, expect for the very tip of it at the top.

Having no place go, and no answers to heal his horn, Sorin makes his way back home to the Northern valleys, thinking he's just going to be half-horned for the rest of his life. When suddenly he hears a voice.
"Help... I'm going to fall"
He looks around but sees no one, the voice cries out again,
"Catching me! I'm falling!"
Sorin finally looks up to find a falling star above him. He quickly charges for the star and catches it on the broken tip of his horn. Streams of blue fire heal the horn it's full size and Sorin's magic is restored to an even powerful state.

I'm working on the pages and Cerberus part of the story, so there will be more to come from this project.
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