Fictional Currency Picture

Here is a chart of a fictional Currency that I designed some time ago, inspired by both the classical mythology and Da Vinci's drawings, for a monetary union that resemble the EU (the shape of the "country" is on the verso of the banknotes).
The 50 cents coin depicts the God of commerce, Mercury, while the 1 A$ cois bears the image of goddess Minerva/Athena. I found both portrais on the Internet.
The rest of the imagery is easily recognizable.
The recto of the 20 cent coin is missing (some kind of bird should have been depicted here) and the banknotes still need some finishing touches, especially when looking at the the files in high resolution, but I had to format my laptop recently and forgot to save all my Photoshop brushes (including the ones I created especially for those currency) and now they're all gone, thus I decided to give up the improvement. Anyway by now a new serie would probably be needed
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