Mercury - With Helmet Picture

This is a picture I've already done, Mercury, only I've given him the helmet that he wears in the story I'm sort of working on. I really like the way the helmet turned out in this one. His helmet began as a picture I found online of a real motorcycle helmet that looked a lot like his, except for the paint, and it wasn't quite shaped right. So, I used photoshop to paint it a different color, made a few changes to its shape and design and added the red stripe. The visor is also heavily modified as well, not so much the shape, but what it's reflecting.

In one scene, Mercury is running along a rooftop, being chased by a helicopter, which is visible in his visor. I thought the helicopter's silloutette in the sky would be enough, but it wasn't really clear that it was in fact a helicopter, so I decided to draw a muzzleflash within it and a bullet zooming towards him. What was also difficult to make look right was the angle of the helmet. I knew I had to use this helmet because it looked the most like his, but it was at a three quarter view angle while his head in the original was 100% profile.

I had to angle, resize, stretch, and flip the helmet entirely so that if fit over his head right without appearing too skewed or disproportional. I'm pretty satisfied with the result. It's as if I completely changed the angle of his head. It also worked out really well, because it's like he's turning his head just in time to see the gun being fired at him. And don't worry, he's not in a whole lot of danger; Because of his special ability, that attributed to a Greco-Roman god by the same name, he's well nigh impossible to hit.

I hope you like this one. This is how he was meant to look from the get-go.
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