Mercury Picture

I had created a story of some sort a little while a ago, in my head. The story itself is quite complex. The base premise of it, however, is that their are two factions of "Gods". One faction, all named after Greek Gods, seeks a balance in the world. The other faction, all named after the Roman Gods, seeks power and control over the world. Aside from the names, the story is only vaguely based on Greek and Roman mythology. It draws more of its inspiration from the idea of a collective unconscious, and how we define reality. The sketch I drew is for the character Mercury, the messenger of the Roman Gods. He serves as a scout and assassin for this group.

I did this sketch as a way to test out my new tablet. I like the tablet. Took me awhile to finish this, because I kept growing bored of the picture, but I persevered to finish it.
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