The 3 enchanted blades Picture


The drawing is really old and only finished this week. Wanted to make 3 items. First, for my love, Mercury-chan, then to Sailor Venus and to Jupiter - from the left to right of course.

I missed the markings...

- The holy sword:
Jurneyed to the Fountain of Youth and poured some water, that makes it stable. Used also an angel's feathers (thank you, megumy sama!!!!) and the rest is a secret. We are still testing it. It can heal any kind of light wound instantly and regenerate moderate wounds in a minute. Not sure, but I think we can use it for resurrection... maybe it can heal a heart's wounds too... Nothing less for my love!
To talk about prices: NO. Prove me you are worthy and I might give one to you... some hospitals already ordered a dozen of total
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