2015 Reboot Concepts: Shinji Blight (Toruhika,WIP) Picture

The Main Protagonist of Toruhika, Shinji Blight. (With some added changes, trust me, the original character wasn't that good XD)

"I am part of the Blight Family, their blood is in me. My purpose is to protect, I AM LIGHT, BUT I'M ALSO DARKNESS!" Quote, Shinji Blight, on his last legs and trying to rise back up to finish the fight, against an all powerful foe of his, usually heard on the Continue Screen.

Name: Shinji Blight
Alias: Symbolic Hellfire Angel (By almost every character)
Fighting Style: Kung Fu/Fuijan White Crane (As a Crane)
Appearance and Attire: Greenish-blonde Hair, Red Eyes with Black Eyeliner, Caucasian Skin, Silver Fedora, Black Jacket and Gray Suit, Purple Belt, Indigo Pants, Magma Red Shoes, and Mint Green Gloves.
Gender: Male
Height: 185cm (6'0.8")
Weight: 78kg (172 lbs)
Date of Birth: 4th, August
Nationality: British
Origin: London, The UK
Age: 20
Occupation: Bank Robber (formerly), Student (formerly), Team Fighter
Blood Type: C
Side: Good
Team: The UK Cranes
Personality: Shinji is sort of a lone wolf. He prefers to be by himself and is very protective of his team mates. Shinji for the most part is very calm and serious, and is quite hard to piss off. But when he is angered, he's rude, brash, hot headed, and always spouts vulgarity at his opponents, especially at his nemesis, Fang Poison Viper. Shinji wasn't exactly "evil" when he was robbing banks either, more like trying to live his life and survive with whatever resources he has at his use. Despite he's overprotective demeanor, short temper, and the fact that he used to rob banks for living. Shinji does have a kind heart and shows a soft side for almost everyone he meets. He also has a sense of respect for his opponents, as he really doesn't want to kill innocent people. So he makes it his wish to revive anyone who he may have to kill in order to get The Heavenly Cubix, and joined The Heaven Gate's Tournament to put a stop to Fang's evil plans.
Likes: The UK Cranes, The National Fighting Teams, meat, candy, Ethan Bracer, Juvia Sparkswood, mythology.
Dislikes: Evil, vegetables, The Black Market, Fang Poison Viper
Values: His friends
Hobbies: Napping, cooking, training and mastering his fighting style, hanging out with friends, making new friends
Powers and Abilities:
Being the main protagonist, Shinji is a rather balanced character, and is perfect for newcomers and experts alike. His attacks do decent damage, and is pretty quick on his feet. Being part of the UK Cranes, he can transform into a Crane just like his team mates. Being born with the sacred Blight blood. Shinji was born with mysterious powers, and his moveset consists of using many shadow based attacks. When he turns into a Crane however, his style changes to Kung Fu attacks and has the ability to hover in mid air.
Melee: Shadow Claws: Shinji forms shadowy claws around his hands and use them for slashing at his opponent.
Block: Sacrifice Shield: Shinji will chuck a shadow of himself, which can block projectiles as well as damage foes.
Range: Black Star: Shinji throws a black shuriken at his opponents, which can reach the entire screen and stage.
Special: Dark Scythe: Shinji's scythe grows in gigantic sizes, and can cover long and short range with one slash.
Nature Style: Shadow Reaver: What Shinji does is summon a bunch of shadow clones that bomb rush the opponent, then they all explode and Shinji finishes off the enemy with several slashes from his scythe (which is covered in darkness-filled shadows) and goes right through the opponent on the final slash, which then makes the opponent explode.
History: Shinji was born in London, and is apart of the Blight bloodline, a family that has competed in The Heaven's Gate Tournament for generations, in order to stop evildoers from abusing the power of The Heavenly Cubix. Of course, Shinji from the very beginning, was destined to stop evil. However Shinji did go through alot during his early years. His parents were overprotective of him, fearing that he'll be the next member of the UK Cranes and might get injured, so they never let him outside of the house. So Shinji always had electronics and books to entertain himself. At the age of 5, Shinji's parents gave birth to his younger brother, Xavier Blight. His father knew that Shinji was old enough to know about the family legacy, and asked Shinji to compete in the tournament in order to prevent Xavier from getting hurt. However with all the preparations and training Shinji was doing with the family, Xavier was getting overlooked and eventually got jealous. So Xavier turned to Fang, who at the time just got kicked out of The Panama Snakes, and together they formed The Exodus Hunters, a team consisting of rejected National Team Members that weren't understood and met up at an unknown island called Exodus. At the age of 15, Shinji was ready to compete in the Heaven's Gate Tournament and his father was the host. However, late at night before the day of the tournament, Xavier assassinated his family, and Fang was burning down the house. Shinji tried to stop them, but Xavier and Fang managed to overwhelm him and was blasted off to England. He was left to rot on the streets and since he was powerless against both Fang and Xavier, he became a Bank Robber and Leader of The Syndicate instead, which his father was originally in charge of. Shinji became an infamous UK criminal, though it didn't last long, as he wasn't exactly the best in hiding evidence like his father was. Eventually Juvia Sparkswood, who was a member of The UK Cranes, cracked his case and pin pointed him. Shinji fought Juvia, but found himself no match for her, but before he was about to get arrested, he let Juvia in on his reasoning, and what he went though before becoming a Bank Robber, saying he regretted everything. He was surprised that Juvia gave him an offer to redeem himself, which was training with her and her mentor, so that he can pummel both Fang and Xavier. Of course, since Shinji accepted Juvia's offer to become stronger, Shinji trained with her. Where he also met Ethan Bracer, another member of The UK Cranes and The Prince of England, whom was also their mentor and helped make them professional fighters. During his training, Shinji became great friends with the two, and valued them more than he would himself. Once Shinji reached the age of 20, he and his team were all ready. Shinji had his mind set on revenge and protection of The Heavenly Cubix, but once Fang became the host and added the death rule, Shinji's mind immediately changed and just wanted to keep everyone alive.

Behind The Scenes and Inspirations:
- Shinji was mostly inspired off of Fighting Game Characters, Ragna the Bloodedge (Blazblue) and Jin Kazama (Tekken) Mostly in terms of both powers, as they all use some form of dark power at their disposal and have a fan-hated rival.
- Shinji's jacket was inspired from the leather jackets from The Matrix franchise.
- Shinji's greenish-blonde hair was a colour chosen as a contrast from his dark and "shadowy figure-ish" design.
- Shinji is one of the few characters with red eyes, that isn't part of The Exodus Hunters.

So that's the bio. If you have any questions, or notice any flaws, feel free to tell me. As I'd really love to improve my character building

Shinji Blight and Toruhika is (c)
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