once upon a time in asgard Picture

~ remember a time with me. a time when you took a blanket,mom's best cooking pot,dad's work boots,hammer and a belt, some old oversized sweatshirt and ran off into the backyard to defend the honor of asgard... then it was time for supper...~
hi DA !,
welcome back.tonights image is one of my very early renders from 2004 or 2005 i think. i have to laugh because i wanted to do an image of the mighty thor god of thunder. i was so new to digital art that i was just grabbing whatever free items i could find with no clue how to use them.a morph for me was something power rangers did.so i put this together somehow.no morphs and a limited knowledge of how to fit clothes and change the colors of the textures. i remember being just fed up with 3d because after years of actually drawing characters it felt so childlike.
which brings me almost full circle to 2008.TEG queen theresa,viking queen of march, a mentor and friend has alit hlidskjalf,odins throne.i thought somehow this would be so fitting a gift for her since with her help i've learned to really be able to create the characters i have these past almost 3 years. better said i've grown up under her artistic tutelage. thanks eternally tyllo, your friendship means the world to me.may your reign be the stuff of legends and to be told by warriors to their children and children's children forevermore.
thanks everyone for your comments and compliments,
till the dragon flies again *hugs and regards*,
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