Jenny Clark Picture

Pesterchum name: wiccanWitch [WW]

Font Color: Pitch Black

Wardrobe: Usually Halloween or mythology related, or red, orange, and black.

God Tier: Witch of Void

Avid witch and deep into mythology of all kinds, she knows much about all sorts of spells and such. She loves Halloween and as such her entire house is decorated like it all year round. She hates Valentine's day because her entire family was killed in a crash on that day. She's lived on her own in the middle of a big city sense, and has grown “street wise” because of it. Her sprite is a half decayed crow and a plastic skeleton corpse...thing...from her Halloween stuff. She fondly calls him Hamlet, as it is her favorite of all Shakespeare's works.

She was raised(ish) by the High Priestess of the Wiccan group in her city which shaped how she sees the world and she was set to take her place after her death. Unfortunately the priestess died before Jenny reached a suitable age, she was killed because of her religion. In this way Jenny has been void of anything really even close to parents for a long time. Even the priestess acted more as a mentor then a parent, and she was expected to go to her.

-extra info not needed-


Sirenn: Friend

Hamlet: Sprite

Other Humans (which have a roll) : Iffy

Tavros: Finds him adorable and has a secret crush on him, which annoyed Sirenn at 1st until she realized if he ended up with her it would keep him away from her

Cihuco- Moirail

Jacky- Raised her until her death, she was the elderly head of the wiccan society she was a part of.

Strife Portfolio: Wandkind, Potionkind, Amletkind

Fetch Modus Setting: Magic -Simply snap your fingers & whatever u need appears in ur hand from ur deck. Self made-

Age: 15

Planet: Land of Pinstripes and Pumpkins (LoPaP) It is possible this is an offshoot of the Land of Pyramids and Neon, or completely separate. The entire planet looks like it was designed by Tim Burton and the locals are black and white legless salamanders. The denizen is a rather mean-looking thing named Harley, because she looks almost like she was based off of the harlequin demon from Nightmare Before Christmas. She speaks in riddles and rhymes, but if you can beat her in a riddle challenge she will be your friend forever.

Name Breakdown (Pesterchum) : Wiccan being a common religion for witches, which explains second half.

Personality Qualities: Free willed and gothic, she has an issue with most humans and tends not to talk much. She was told long ago she had duel personalities, which can also cause issues. However, the other personality only shows up when she's super angry or stressed..there may be a 3rd, more caring and loving 1 as well...but if there is it's virtually nowhere to be found. The main one is a hard street rat who finds beauty in the darkness and rushes away from light. It's ironic, then, that her friend is a light player. Perhaps she was simply looking for her other part, and found it within the Page of Light...

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