Father Balthazar Picture

Hey guys this is a supernatural Hunter type thing I wanna work on, let me know what you think. This is the mentor figure of the story. Maybe I'll make it a book of TV show. It's a short little bio.

Father Balthazar
Bio: born into the life of compassionate and giving Priest father and Pastor mother, Balthazar was a holy man since birth and always a forgiving kind man. Even when running away from home when his father beat him for being gay when he was around 17 years old. He then moved to another state and built his own large church from the ruins of an old burnt down one. It was then he was taught by an old homeless man who appeared on his doorstep about the creatures of another dimension, of the supernatural. The man taught Balthazar how to protect himself and others from these many threats and how to fight them. It was then that Balthazar became the protector of the big town and the holy one. That was until his husband was killed by a lower class demon. And he retired from the position of protector. Moving back to his home town and living in his dead father's church at 44. Where he would still study and make materials to stop the unearthly evils, but would never participate. He would be known as only a simple priest. Who was kind and accepted all. That was until he met Nathaniel Nichols and Eric Sanchez, which forced him to take role as their mentor, and taught them the basics of being a supernatural Hunter.
Personality: Balthazar is a damaged but kind soul with strong religious beliefs and prefers compassion over violence. He is willing to help out when needed.
Skills: chemistry, alchemy, some knowledge in magic, cooking, speaks many forms of Latin, has a knowledge of all religions and nearly all supernatural and mythological creatures, was taught in 16th and 17th century fencing, has read nearly all bibles and holy scriptures and versions of them in almost every religion, and he possesses an immunity to possession, he has many handy things to help out hunters with to counter certain creatures.
Weaknesses: he is fairly old and therefore not in great physical condition, though he doesn't need to fight to protect himself. He is a library of knowledge, and like one he can sometimes get mixed up with things. -like killing a werewolf with holy iron chains-
He is also self hating constantly due to the abuse verbal and physical of his father.
He grieves over his dead husband too
Relationships: one boyfriend at 16, a husband at 25, and a few flings with Dracula.
Weapons: his watch transforms into full cherub Angel Armor (given to him by seraph when he was young, though he often forgets that it does that), 4 vials of holy water, 1 container of salt, 1 small tube of deadman'a blood, hidden dagger in his cross necklace, a silver needle, and a pen that can write or shoot out darts tipped with garlic.
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