FoxyHarmony Redesign Picture

If you can't see the words it says,
"3 types: Half pony/wolf/zebra"
"Loves: making potions, Shadow Wave(an OC which I WILL remake as well, I'm trying to figure out what he will be), wolves(including Timberwolves), foxes(hence the name FoxyHarmony), music, and studying mythology."
Hates: Troubled Sky(another OC who ALWAYS tries to get Foxy under his wing, yes he is a boy, he REALLY hates Shadow being in his way to get Foxy to like him and not Shadow, but he WILL NEVER get Foxy's attention.), hurting animals(Foxy was raised by Fluttershy), Tantabus(Foxy's mentor was Princess Luna), and ponies who hurt her loved ones.
Cutie Mark Backstory: When Foxy was 6 years old, Fluttershy and her friends were in the Everfree forest to visit Celestia and Luna's old castle, also Princess Luna was there as well. After a few hours, the Timberwolves start to com, when Foxy heard some noises outside of the castle walls she went to the doors, and then saw the Timberwolves. By the time Fluttershy relized Foxy was gone, she and everyone else search the castle of Foxy but couldn't find her. When they went outside, they found Foxy with the Timberwolves, except the Timberwolves are asleep. The reason was the Timberwolve had a hard time trying to go to sleep, so Foxy used her magic to cast a sleeping spell and also sang a lullaby to make the Timberwolves sleep. After all of the Timberwolves went to sleep, a powerful magic surge came to Foxy, causing her to levitate and create spirits of wolves and foxes with musical notes swirling around her, this REALLY terrified Fluttershy, Princess Luna, and everyone else. When it all stopped, Foxy's cutie mark appeared on her flank. Everyone was surprised and excited, Fluttershy on the other hand was crying tears of joy to see Foxy getting her cutie mark.

Really tired now... Sighs...
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