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Isabel Elenya was born to an Italian mother and an English father. She grew up in a quiet lifestyle in the hills of Tuscany and by 18 she gained a scholarship to the University of Toledo in Spain. While studying archaeology under professor Antonio Belsevos she was drawn more and more to myth and legend and away from her intended studies. halfway into her final year she sat in the library under a ile of books. When a well-dressed gentleman approached her.

He offered her a tablet fragment from the supposedly-mythological continent of Mu, her eyes lit up as she read the texts. As she wondered of the possibilities the figure offered to teach her the things she loved. The myths she had read as a child were real and she was desperate to want to know more. She agreed to travel with the stranger that weekend.

They headed north-east towards the Pyrenees and when they arrived in a clearing the man opened a portal to a subterranian palace deep in the heart of the mountains.

It was there she learned her new mentor was Emberlathir; an ancient dragon who lived in the mountains. He had taken otice of her and offered to teach her mysterious and ancient knowledge. Whiel he was not entirely clear, he told her that she had a 'special mind',o ne capable of comprehending the vast archives of knowledge he had gathered throughout his long life.

Isabel herself is a confident and headstrong woman in hear early 20s. She is generally eager to discover something new and enthusiastic of what Emberlathir has to teach her. Mosto f the time she is kept in close company with Giano, a five-year-old ginger tabby that has kept her company since she started learning under Emberlathir. Giano prefers resting close to her and often sleeps next to her as she looks over ancient tomes although Emberlathir is indifferent to the cat's presence.

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