Girl from the Sky Picture

I didn't "clean it up" at all, I just scanned and uploaded it.

Drawn during work on May 1st 2009.

The sun was rare, rain coming and going all day. Near evening a group had assembled at Vince's house, trying to get Rebekah's laptop back up and running. In the end we decided there was nothing to be done but wipe her harddrive and attempt to reinstall Windows.

In the backyard, Spike and Jamie faced each other, their shields up. Spike continuously held back, as he always does, Jamie forced herself to hold back to level the field. The energy flowed through the air, sparking and clashing in bright colours. Rebekah and I watched on quietly, neither wanting to duel. [I admit I do not yet have enough of a decent control of my energy to feel comfortable dueling, even with a close friend and [mentor].]

The door opened, and out they came. Six dogs. One "average" sized, and the other five little minatures. With all the dogs running about, Spike and Jamie decided to retire from their duel. A battle field was too dangerous for the unaware bystanders.

After a while, Vince's parents brought the dogs back inside, Vince and Spike following suit for video games. Jamie, Rebekah and I were left on our own. The breeze was nice, cooling without being cold. We watched a cat stand in the middle of a field, baiting a dog trapped behind a fence.

I don't remember what began it, but Jamie and Rebekah began talking about religion, and what mythologies they most identified with. I listened to them as I stared at the clouds bassing by. I lost track of the conversation. I lost track of time.

The face of a woman appeared before me in the sky. At first it was just a black spot in the gray clouds, but as I continued to stare, it formed the figure seen above. As it formed, little specks of light came into my vision. It was like seeing a bunch of white gnats flying in a pattern similar to a kaleidoscope.

I don't know how long I stared at the sky as my friends talked. I just know I felt calm. I was comfortable. I felt right.

I remember how her head looked, and part of her body, but I can't remember all of what she was wearing. Maybe in time I'll remember and I'll be able to finish her.

I'm not sure exactly what happened. All I know is I was the most calm I've been in a long time. And thus far the feeling has stuck with me.
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