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Meanwhile in Equestria, more specifically Pony Twilight's Castle, Twilight & the Mane 6 + Spike are gathered around the Mirror Portal, Twilight has a Sledge Hammer with her, but she is still fixated as to whether or not to destroy the Mirror Portal, she knows that if she does, then she'll probably never see her Canterlot High Friends again, and Sunset will be trapped there forever, and the Demons will be stuck there with them, Twilight just doesn't know if she has the nerve to go through with this or not, but the Mane 6 remind Twilight what Sunset said about making sure that the Demons don't return to Equestria, and that Sunset understood the risks when she told Twilight to do this, it may be a tough decision, and it may mean sacrificing Sunset's only way back home, but it's something that must be done, and Twilight is like "You're right, this is for the greater good", but before Twilight does anything else the portal opens all by itself, everyone is in shock & Twilight wonders how the heck that happened, but one of the Mane 6 tell her to never mind that & to smash it before anything comes through, Twilight then agrees & magically lifts the sledge hammer up ready to bash the Mirror Portal to pieces, but just then 4 strange figures fall through the portal & land face first on the floor right before the Mane 6, so basically they were too late.

The Demons have successfully returned to Equestria & have taken their True Forms again, 4 Multicolored, Bipedal, Humanoid, Winged Demonic Creatures, after coming through the Mirror Lilith, Lamashtu & Leraje all get up rubbing their heads, then they all look at each other, then at themselves & are overjoyed to be back in their True Demon Forms, then Lucifer gets up & his face is right in front of the screen, and he is laughing maniacally, then the Mane 6 + Spike all back away from his face in fear, then the 4 Demons spread out their wings & start floating above the ground, all of them are laughing evilly, then Lucifer says "Finally, after all this time, we have returned, and all shall know of our True Wrath!", Twilight shouts "No!" and fires a continuous energy beam at the Demons, only to have it blocked by Lamashtu using only her bare hand, as the beam keeps hitting Lamashtu's hand it appears to have zero effect on her, then Lamashtu shoots a fireball from the same hand & it quickly slices through Twilight's energy beam like a hot knife through warm butter, then the fireball hits Twilight in the horn so hard that Twilight is thrown through the air backwards, does a single backwards flip & lands flat on her stomach, the Mane 6 + Spike all gather around Twilight to see if she's alright, and we see that her horn now has a black singe on it & is smoking hot, Lamashtu then laughs evilly & says "You're puny Pony Magic is Weak-Sauce compared to our Demon Magic!".

Then Lucifer flies to the upper section of the Mirror Portal & says "Speaking of what's ours, it's high-time we reclaim what was taken from us long ago", he then punches the Horseshoe-Earth-Pony-Symbol-plate thing on the upper most part of the Mirror Portal, breaking through it like it was mere tissue paper, then the Mirror starts giving off static energy, then he pulls out something(the Wizard Stone), then this causes a magical energy wave to burst out from the Mirror, the energy wave then spreads out & passes through the Mane 6 + Spike with no effect what so ever, then we see the energy wave spreads throughout Ponyville with no effect, then it spreads throughout Canterlot and then passes through Celestia & Luna with no effect and they wonder what happened, then we see the energy wave spread through the Crystal Empire just to show how far the energy wave is spreading, we then see the energy wave pass through Cadence & Shining Armor with no effect and they wonder what that was, then we return to Human World & see the Wondercolt Statue giving off static energy, then the exact same energy wave bursts out from the Statue, then it passes through everyone at Canterlot High with no effect, however after the Energy Wave passed through Sunset Shimmer, she starts glowing & her body stiffens up like she has Rigor Mortis or something, and she makes a weird facial expression like she's being Electrocuted or something, then she floats up about a dozen feet in the air, then she bends her arms & legs like she's trying to curl up like a ball, then suddenly, POOF!, Sunset has changed from a Human back to her True Unicorn Form(which shows us all exactly what that energy wave was supposed to be, it meant that the Mirror Portal's whole "Transformations between Travels" thing has been cancelled out, meaning that everything that came through the Portal from Pony World to Human World & Vice Versa will all change back to their True Forms(and yes that does include the Sirens too - but that's another story for another time), after Sunset has changed back, she then flaps her legs around like she's trying to fly like a bird, then she falls down & slams into the ground(this includes a face-plant), then she gets up, looks at her front leg seeing a Hoof instead of a hand, then she says "Oh No!", then she gets up on all fours & says "The Demons have reclaimed the Wizard Stone!".

Then we return to Equestria to see the Wizard Stone in the right hand of Lucifer, who then says "Ah yes, the Wizard Stone", then we zoom out to most of his body "At long last it is in our possession once more", then Lilith comes to her husband's left side & cuddles him, placing her hand on his opposite shoulder and says "Oh Darling, to think now we can finally concur this pathetic world as we tried in days long past", then Lucifer grabs his wife by the chin his left hand & says "Indeed my Beloved(pronounced Be-Love-Ed) Spouse", then he snickers evilly, lets go of Lilith's chin, and says "But then again, I say, Why should we settle for concurring merely 1 World, when we now have the means to concur 2", then Lucifer takes the Wizard Stone & fires an energy beam into the Mirror Portal, then the Mirror has a pair of spiraling energy wisps come out of the Portal & into the Wizard Stone, then the Mirror Portal begins to vibrate, and begins cracking, the cracks give off a bright glow(this all means that because Lucifer is using the Wizard Stone to steal the power of the Mirror, while replacing it with Demon Magic enhanced by the Wizard Stone, the Portal is Destabilizing, meaning something Big & Bad is about to happen), then Twilight gets up, runs over to the Demons and shouts "NO!", then suddenly the Mirror burst into pieces, but for dramatic effect the pieces freeze in place for a few seconds showing a glowing sphere of energy in the center of the Mirror's Pieces, making it resemble a Sun with a bunch asteroids orbiting around it, then time unfreezes & the pieces scatter all over the place, and a Huge Pillar of Light fires straight up through Twilight's Castle & into the sky, forcing dark clouds to cover the sky, the Mane 6 back away in fear & confusion as to what's going on, and as this is going on Lucifer just floats there giving an a long evil laugh.

Meanwhile back in the Human World everyone is gathered around the now Unicorn Sunset Shimmer in awe & confusion, just then the Wondercolt Statue begins vibrating, and Glowing Cracks begin forming around it as well, then Applejack says out loud "Now What?!", then like the Mirror Portal back in Equestria, the Wondercolt Statue bursts into pieces, pausing for dramatic effect, with a glowing sphere in the middle of all the pieces, then time unfreezes & the pieces scatter all over the place, and a Huge Pillar of Light fires straight up into the sky, forcing the sky to be covered in dark clouds, everyone backs away in fear & confusion as to what's happening, then the Pillar of Light begins spliting open in a V-shape, revealing a hole in the barrier between dimensions, and we see the Demons in Equestria & we hear Lucifer finishing his earlier evil laugh, then the Demons fly through the dimension hole, and Lucifer says to everyone "Hello Students, Do You Miss Us?", then Sunset shouts "Lucifer!", then Rainbow Dash says "That's Lord Lucifer?!", then Lucifer replies "(evil chuckle) In All His Demonic Glory", then the Demons laugh evilly & fly out to the left of where the Wondercolt Statue was facing.

Quick Note: from this point on when I refer to the Pony version of a character, I will include a letter "P." in front of their name, and when I refer to the Human version of a character, I will include a letter "H." in front of their name, just to help avoid confusion & allow the writing to go along faster.

As everyone's attention is still on the Demons, we see P.Twilight though the Dimension Hole, and she sees Sunset Shimmer & shouts "Sunset Shimmer!", then Sunset faces the Dimension Hole & shouts "Princess Twilight!", then Sunset heads towards her, and P.Twilight & the P.Mane 6 + Dragon Spike all hop through the Dimension Hole heading towards Sunset, when Sunset & P.Twilight meet up face to face, Sunset asks "What Happened?!", then P.Twilight explains "The Demons used the Wizard Stone to steal the power of the Portal causing the Mirror to destabilize & tear a huge hole in the barrier separating our 2 dimensions", suddenly P.Twilight is interrupted by Dragon Spike who turns her attention to the H.Mane 6 who are all staring at their Pony Counterparts & vice-versa, P.Twilight then says to the H.Mane 6 "Hi Girls, it's good to see you again, though I wish it were under better circumstances", H.Applejack says "Princess Twilight? Is that really You?", then P.Applejack says "And are Ya'll supposed to be US?", then each member of both Mane 6s move be face to face with their own counterparts, we see H.Rainbow Dash as she says "This is so-", but P.Rainbow Dash interrupts and says "-Weird?", then H.Rainbow Dash replies "Yeah.", then we see P.Rarity as she says "Not to mention a trifle-", then H.Rarity interrupts and says "-Awkward?", then P.Rarity replies "Indeed", then we see both Fluttershys say "I'm not very comfortable with this", then H.Pinkie Pie says "Are you kidding?", then both Pinkie Pies say "This is Amazing!, Jinx!, Double Jinx!, Triple Jinx!".

Then we see the Wizard Stone in Lucifer's Hand, then he taps the stone with his finger & we hear microphone sounds, and he says "Uh testing, testing, is this working, alright", then using the Wizard Stone like a magic microphone he broadcasts a message to both the Human & Pony Worlds, which can be heard by everyone on both worlds at the same time as he says "Attention all denizens of both the Human & Pony Worlds, this is the voice of Lord Lucifer of the Conquest Demon Clan, using the phenomenal power of the Wizard Stone, enhanced with the magic of a trans-dimensional portal, we shall merge both of your worlds together into a single unified world, which will make it all the more easier for us to rule over you all with an Iron Fist!", then Lucifer lets go of the Wizard Stone, having it float in mid-air as the 4 Demons surround it, then the Demons begin charging up their magic into their hands to perform something incredible as Lucifer says to them "Now remember, do not lose focus or let anything distract you, this will take the full concentration of all 4 of us to pull it off", then 1 by 1 we see each Demon fire a continuous magic beam from their hands into the Wizard Stone, the stone begins absorbing their Demon Magic & forms an indestructible sound-proof force field around the Demons(to both protect them from harm & to keep any distractions away), then from the top of the dome we see a huge energy pillar firing up towards the sky & into space, where high above the atmosphere the pillar hits an invisible wall & begins forming glowing cracks that begin spreading out, surrounding the Earth & still spreading(which all looks similar to what the character Akuaku did about half way through the Keroro Gunsou/Sgt. Frog 5th Anime Movie).

The glowing cracks can even be seen in the sky from the Earth's surface, as we see the sky itself fill with all of those glowing cracks, they start coming down to a few feet above the ground(and they resemble tree roots), then several holes in space break out from these cracks, and from these holes comes out the Pony World Counterparts of the various characters in the Human World, who all end up meeting their other-selves face to face, we see things like P.Flash Sentry meeting H.Flash Sentry, the P.CMC meeting the H.CMC, P.Derpy meeting H.Derpy, P.Octavia Melody & P.Vinyl Scratch meeting their H.Counterparts, P.Lyra & P.Bonbon meeting their H.Counterparts, etc., etc., and for a bit of comedy when P.Bulk Biceps & H.Bulk Biceps meet face to face, they both flinch, point at each other & scream like little girls with high pitched voices, then P.Celestia & P.Luna meet their H.Counterparts, sadly they have no time to be confused & ask questions, because suddenly things go from Weird to Worse, for right behind the Celestias & Lunas we see Canterlot High starts growing taller and begins warping to look like an amalgamated combination of both Canterlot Castle & Canterlot High School, H.Celestia says "What's happening to Canterlot High School?" and P.Celestia responds "It's Merging with Canterlot Castle", then suddenly the ground begins to crack & form out of it sprouts an Equestrian Canterlot Fountain right where the Princesses & Principals are standing, then the ground opens more cracks & out comes some Canterlot Banners from Equestria, and all over the city/town or whatever the Humans live in, more P.World Counterparts of beings living in the H.World keep coming through holes in space, and various H.World houses, buildings & things keep merging with things from the P.World, the street lights morph into crosses between flame-lit lanterns & electric powered lamps, the H.Cake's Coffee House morphs to a fusion with Ponyville's Sugarcube Corner, even the H.World cars morph into odd-looking Motorized Carriages.

Then we see H.Fluttershy saying "W-W-What's Going On?!", then H.Twilight explains "It's a Full-Scale Dimensional Fusion, the barriers separating 2 different worlds are braking apart, causing the reality of both worlds to blend into each other, at the rate it's going the 2 worlds will become 1 within a matter of hours, and the Demons will be able to rule over everyone from both worlds", so P.Rainbow Dash says "Then what are we just sitting around for, this do something to stop this!", then she flies towards the Demons who are a few blocks away from Canterlot High, when she gets to the force field protecting them, she starts punching it but that proves to be futile, but it does activate a special security system, the very Shadow of one of the Demons comes to life & out from the ground, and even the mere Shadows of the Demons are too Strong for mere Ponies to handle, the Demon Shadow then grabs P.Rainbow Dash & throws her away from the force field back to the others, then the Demon Shadow sinks through the ground & disappears, then P.Rainbow Dash says to P.Twilight "You can jump in anytime Princess", P.Twilight replies "Right", then she takes flight & then P.Celestia & P.Luna follow her, but when they get close enough to the force field a bunch more Demon Shadows come out & start blasting magic bolts at the 3 Princesses, the Ponies try to evade them, but there are too many Demon Shadows even for only 3 Alicorn Princesses to handle, and the Princesses are all blown away from the Force Field, P.Twilight then gets up & says "It's no use those Shadows won't let us get anywhere near the Demons", then P.Rarity says "So what do we do now, how can we possibly stop all of this?", P.Twilight Replies "I don't know, I just Don't Know", to our heroes the situation seems to be hopeless.

Suddenly the ground starts shaking & from some more cracks in the ground pop out some trees from Equestria, the shaking causes H.Pinkie Pie to fall & land on her butt, then P.Pinkie Pie extends her hoof out to her H.Counterpart & says "Hey, need a helping hoof?", H.Pinkie says "Sure, thanks", then H.Pinkie grabs P.Pinkie's hoof, then suddenly a bright light lights up within their hand/hoof, then P.Pinkie says "Wha?", and H.Pinkie says "Huh?", then we see P.Pinkie's hair look like a wind is blowing at it from behind her, and P.Pinkie starts acting like she's being pulled towards her H.Counterpart, then we see H.Pinkie's hair doing the same thing, and H.Pinkie starts moving towards her P.Counterpart as well, we see both Pinkies looking as if some sort of vacuum force in between them is pulling them towards each other, the 2 Pinkies close their eyes & show their gritting teeth like they're trying to fight whatever is happening, but their efforts prove to be futile, and while this is happening the light in between them keeps getting brighter & brighter, until the Pinkies touch fore-heads & the light becomes so bright that they can hardly be seen, then suddenly, KAZAM!, in a bright flash of light the 2 Pinkies somehow end up fused together into a Single Pinkie Pie, becoming an Anthropomorphic creature that's Half-Human & Half-Pony, a Bipedal creature standing about 6 & a Half Feet Tall, with the Head of P.Pinkie, the Torso of H.Pinkie, the Arms with Hands of H.Pinkie(though she only has 4 fingers on each hand instead of 5 since most creatures in Equestria only have 4 fingers on their hands), the Hind-Legs with Hooves of P.Pinkie, and the Tail(right above the Butt Crack) of P.Pinkie, as well as the clothes of H.Pinkie of course, although there is a hole in the back of her skirt to allow P.Pinkie's Tail to stick out, and the bottom halves of her Knee-High Boots are chomped off to reveal P.Pinkie's Hooves, which makes her Boots & Socks look more like Leg-Warmers, thus becoming a creature that greatly resembles the Philippines Mythological Creature known as the Tikbalang, in other words they've become a Fusion Pinkie Pie.

Quick Note: So from this point on when I refer to a Fusion of the characters there will be a letter "F" in front of their Names to help speed things up & help avoid any sort of confusion.

After the Fusion process is complete we see the F.Pinkie stumbling around like she having a hard time trying to stand up, which would make sense seeing as how P.Pinkie doesn't always stand on only 2 Legs, and H.Pinkie isn't used to standing on a pair of Hooves, plus there's the fact that F.Pinkie is basically 2 beings sharing the same body, so it would probably feel like a game of tug-of-war going on inside her thus making it hard for F.Pinkie to try and control herself, after regaining her balance F.Pinkie quickly examines herself, she sees that her Fore-Limbs have 4-Fingered Hands instead of Hooves or 5-Fingered Hands, then looks down at her Hind-Legs to see that they have Hooves with strange Leg-Warmers-like things covering her Legs, and looks behind her noticing that her Tail is through a Skirt & she wags her Tail to get a better view of it, then F.Pinkie shouts "HEY!" and then starts speaking gibberish like 2 people trying to talk at the exact same time, and she starts vibrating like she's having a seizure or something, and while she does all this she starts glowing, and her glow keeps getting more & more intense until finally, KAZAM!, in another bright flash of light the 2 Pinkies Un-fuse back to normal, but are both shoot backwards away from each other, falling on their backs & sliding on the ground for like 2 seconds, as though the force of their separation felt as if they were both hit with their own party cannons.

When both versions of the Mane 6 tend to their own Pinkie Pies, both Pinkies begin to regain their sorts but still rub their heads like they have headaches, then H.Pinkie says to her P.Counterpart "What the hey was That?!", then P.Pinkie replies "Don't know, nothing like that's ever happened to me before", H.Rainbow states "That was so weird, it was like you 2 got all mashed together into some sort of Half-Human/Half Pony, what do you even call something like that?", she's then interrupted by P.Twilight who says "Actually the closest creature that they resembled would be a Tikbalang, it's kind of like Equine Equivalent to a Minotaur", then P.Rainbow Dash says "Yeah, whatever, how did you do that?" then P.Pinkie says "Not sure, we just touched each other", then all of both Mane 6s try touching each other to try and replicate that fusion thing but with no success, then H.Applejack says "Huh, why ain't it workin' now?", then H.Twilight thinks & says "Maybe there was more to it then just that", then she comes up to H.Pinkie and asks "Pinkie was there anything else you did to somehow trigger that fusion?", H.Pinkie then answers "I don't think so, I was just accepting the help of my new friend when she offered it to me.", then H.Fluttershy asks "New Friend?", then H.Pinkie replies "Well yeah, I mean come on she's basically another me, so why couldn't we be friends?", then P.Pinkie says "Yeah, I feel the exact same way, I mean no matter what form I come in, I'd want to be friends with Me anytime", this gets Sunset Shimmer thinking, then she has an epiphany and says "Twilight", then both Twilights say "Yes", then Sunset corrects them and says "eh, PONY Twilight", then P.Twilight says "Go on", then Sunset says "If the fusing of both our Worlds is changing everything around us into Fusions of things found in Both Worlds, then could it be that it's causing changes in the Magic of Both Worlds as well, resulting in the creation of some New kind of Magic that could allow our Friendship Magic to somehow Fuse us with our own counterparts?", P.Twilight replies "Well I guess it could be possible", then she turns her attention to P.Pinkie and asks "But exactly how did you both split back apart Pinkie?", P.Pinkie then replies "Not really sure, I just really, really wanted to change back to normal", then H.Pinkie responds "Yeah so did I", then H.Twilight walks towards the Ponies & says "So just by having both of you simply Want to separate causes you to Un-fuse?", then P.Twilight walks towards her H.Counterpart & says "Only one way to truly find out, we'll have to try it out ourselves".

P.Twilight then extends out her hoof and asks "Do you accept me as your friend?", after a few seconds of waiting(not because she doesn't like her Counterpart or anything she's just worried about whether or not this will work without any kind of consequences, but she does trust her other self) H.Twilight makes a determined look & says "I Do", then she reaches out her hand, pulling it back a little at first, then touches the center of P.Twilight's hoof with only 1 finger, then it actually works, and a bright light forms in between them, both Twilights make an excited face, and because neither of them are trying to resist like the Pinkies did, the Fusion process happens much faster, and KAZAM!, in a bright flash of light both Twilights get fused together, becoming a 6 and a half foot tall Tikbalang-like creature just like the Pinkies did, with P.Twilight's head, H.Twilight's Torso, H.Twilight's Arms with 4-fingered Hands, P.Twilight's Hind-Legs with Hooves, P.Twilight's Tail & Wings, and of course H.Twilights clothes, modified to expose P.Twilight's Hooves, and have holes for P.Twilight's Tail & Wings to stick out, after the fusion process is complete, the F.Twilight begins stumbling around trying to stand up, most likely due to the fact that she's 2 Twilight's trying to control the same body at once and isn't sure if this can work out, after a couple of seconds to adjust to her(or "their" depending on how you look at it) new form, the F.Twilight regains her balance, saying that she's got it now, and she speaks with a bit of an echo in her voice because it sounds as if 2 beings with the exact same voice were trying to talk at the exact same time.

After F.Twilight examines herself for a few seconds, we then see Dragon Spike ask "Whoa, how do you feel now Twilight...s?", F.Twilight then replies with her echo-y voice "Well I or We feel fine, though I, We do feel kind of cramped-up in this form, but it does seem pretty simple to operate, We, I basically control this form just about the same as I, We would control Myself or Ourselves", then F.Twilight starts talking without the echoing effect and says "Jeez this whole thing is an abomination to proper grammar, tell me about it, I can't tell whether in this form we're supposed to be addressed in the Singular or the Plural"(that last part was basically F.Twilight talking to herself, because she's still 2 beings in one, and the echo in her voice is supposed to mean that both beings that make her up are perfectly in sync, but speaking without the echo just means that only 1 of those beings is speaking individually, so it's possible for Fusions to have a conversation with themselves because the 2 beings that make them up are speaking with one another), then everyone else looks at F.Twilight with a little confusion in their faces, then F.Twilight says with the echoing effect back "Anyways the Fusing part successful, not to see about splitting back apart", then F.Twilight closes her eyes, puts her finger tips on her forehead, and begins saying "Separate, Separate, Want To Separate!", and while she says that she starts glowing, and the glow gets brighter & intenser with each second, until finally, KAZAM!, the 2 Twilights successfully Un-Fuse back to normal, both Twilights are amazed that it worked and so is everyone else, then P.Twilight says "There's something else interesting about that, while we were fused together I felt as if I was Stronger than before, and that my Magic was at least Twice as Powerful as it is normally", then H.Twilight says "I felt the same thing, it felt as if while our bodies were fused together, I could feel a greater amount of Magic flowing through me, or should that be US?", then P.Pinkie says "Come to think of it, that's exactly what it felt like to me, I swear I could feel all of the abilities & even memories of my other self within me", then H.Pinkie says "Yeah me too, it was like our bodies, hearts & minds were mashed up together, and I felt as if I had newfound strengths that I didn't have before".

Then P.Twilight says "So apparently by fusing together like that, we somehow combine all of the attributes of ourselves & our counterparts, but they become more powerful than what they are when we're separate", then Sunset says "If that's the case, then maybe this Fusion phenomenon being made possible through the Magic of our Friendship is the answer to stopping the Demons", then P.Twilight says "I think you might be right Sunset" then she turns to everyone else and says "And since all of us are basically 2 alternate variations of the exact same beings, we all have more similarities with each other then we do differences, so there's no reason why we shouldn't become friends with our own counterparts, who are pretty much just another versions of ourselves", P.Pinkie says "Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Idea! If it's our Friendship that's allowing us to Fuse together, then why don't we call that thing, *Friendship Fusion!*", then H.Pinkie says to her P.Counterpart "Ooh, I like the sound of that!", then P.Pinkie says to her H.Counterpart "Ha, I thought you would", then P.Twilight says "Ooooooh-Kay, then I guess *Friendship Fusion* it is"(and that explains why the name of the title is *Friendship Fusion*), then P.Applejack says "Well then what are we waitin' fer, let's Friendship Fuse together and kick some Demon Tail", and H.Applejack replies "Couldn't have said any better myself", then 1 by 1 each pair of different versions of the same Mane 6 characters do some special poses based on their shared personalities, and each pair shouts "Friendship Fusion", then they make physical contact with each other to perform their own Friendship Fusions, first the 2 Twilights, then the 2 Rainbow Dashs , then the 2 Pinkie Pies, then the 2 Applejacks, then the 2 Raritys, then the 2 Fluttershys, each becoming a 6 and a half foot tall Tikbalang version of themselves, all wearing modified versions of the H.Mane 6's clothes, then Dragon Spike says to his Dog Counterpart "Hey, want to see if we can do that too?", then Dog Spike replies "You know it pal", then both Spike shout "Friendship Fusion" & make physical contact, then they successfully fuse into a Half-Dragon/Half-Dog creature that's about 4 feet tall standing up like a Biped, has Dragon Scales all over it's body, has Dog Fur in various sections of it's body, which would include a thick Dragon Tail with Dog Fur on the tip, and Fur on the top of it's head with Dragon Spines going from the top of it's head to the bottom of it's tail, has Dog Paws on it's back legs, has Dragon Claws on it's front legs(or arms), has a Dog-like Face(though I'm not really sure what the given name of a Dog-Faced Dragon is supposed to be), and after the Fusion is complete, F.Spike howls while breathing a huge stream of Dragon-Fire.

With the members of both Mane 6s & both Spikes now each successfully fused together with their own counterparts, F.Twilight then says with an echo effect in her voice "Alright everyone, the Wizard Stone has to be the Key to this Dimensional Fusion, we need to get that stone out of the Demon's Possession before our 2 Worlds become stuck as their amalgamated dominion forever", then F.Rainbow Dash says with the same echo-like effect in her voice "Then Let's go kick some Demon Tail, Friendship Fusion Style!", then the other Fusions shout "Yeah!", then the F.Mane 6 + F.Spike go forth to the Demons, however Sunset decides to remain behind since she currently doesn't have someone to Fuse with, as the Fusions get closer to the Dome, a swarm of Demon Shadows pop up and start firing Magic bolts & blasts at them, the wingless Fusions are able to run like bipeds faster than humans now that they have a pair of equine legs, and they try to evade the Magic attacks, but when F.Applejack is almost hit & is thrown off her feet(or hooves as the case may be), then she falls but lands on her hands, however instead of getting back up, she starts galloping on all 4's like a quadruped which allows her to move even faster & more agile, then the other wingless Fusions start running like quadrupeds as well, and they can avoid the Magic attacks better, we see F.Applejack, F.Rarity, F.Pinkie, even F.Spike all galloping like quadrupeds towards the Demons, while above them in the sky we see F.Twilight, F.Rainbow & F.Fluttershy flying towards the Demons, once the F.Mane 6 get close enough to the Demon Shadows they start clobbering them, punching, kicking, Magic blasting, forming Magic Blades to slice them, basically destroying the Shadows, and since they are merely Evil Shadows made from nothing but Demon Magic it's OK to kill them without mercy or guilt, because their just mindless drones that are simply an extension of the Demon's subconscious, but the thing is that there are so many of them & they just keep coming, leaving the F.Mane 6 + Spike too distracted to confront the Demons themselves.

As Sunset sits on the sidelines and sees that the Dimensional Fusion is still spreading at an alarming rate, she says to herself out loud "At this rate they'll never be able to stop the Demons in time", so Sunset then gallops to all of the Canterlot High Humans & their Pony Counterparts and says "Listen Everyone!", then she points towards the F.Mane 6 while saying "They can't stop those Demons on their own!", then she points back to all the Humans & Ponies and says "They'll need all of you to help them out as well!", then P.Amethyst Star asks "But what can we do? We're just ordinary Ponies and(she points to her H.Counterpart and says)...Whatever it is they're supposed to be!", then Sunset says "Maybe normally, but with our 2 Worlds being fused together, it's causing a change in the Magic within both Worlds, which will allow it so that if each one of you embraces your own Counterparts as your friends, and make physical contact with your alternate selves, then the Magic in your Friendship will enable you both to Fuse together into a single being that will possess all the abilities of both versions of you, but enhance them to be at least twice as powerful as they normally are, which will give you all a better chance to help stop the Demons, but you all must be willing to work together with your other selves as a team, (then she points back to the F.Mane 6 and says) I mean if they can do it(then she points back to the Ponies & Humans and says) then so can all of you".

P.Celestia having been moved by the wisdom of her former student then steps up and says "She's right, the only way to resolve this matter is to take advantage of this situation and have the beings of both worlds unite for a common cause", she then turns to her H.Counterpart and says "So Celestia of this World, (then she holds out her hoof and says)Will you accept my Friendship?", H.Celestia then stares at her P.Counterpart for about 3 seconds before she closes her eyes while she nods her head once, then opens her eyes and says while smiling "Of course I will", then H.Celestia grabs the hoof of P.Celestia, and in a flash of light the 2 Celestias fuse into a Tikbalang version of Celestia, who stands about 8-feet tall, and wears a modified version of H.Celestia's clothes, but also wears P.Celestia's Crown, Horse Collar, and 1 pair of her fancy Slippers on her Hooves, and the other pair on her Hands, but they've been transformed into a pair of Armor Gloves similar to what Mid-evil Knights wore on their hands, after a short examination of her new form, F.Celestia says with a echo in her voice "Everyone, accept your other selves as your friends and make physical contact so you can fuse as well", then P.Luna asks her H.Counterpart "So what say you alternate variation of myself?, (then she holds out her hoof and asks)Do you accept me as your friend?", then H.Luna replies "But of course", then she grabs her P.Counterpart's hoof and in a flash of light the 2 Lunas fuse into a Tikbalang version of Luna, who stands around 7 & a Half feet tall, with P.Lunas Dark-Blue coat color as her Fur/Skin color, wears a modified version of H.Luna's clothes, as well as P.Luna's Crown, Horse Collar & Hoof-Slippers, with 1 pair transformed into a pair of Armor Gloves like F.Celestia's, and F.Luna is ready for action.

Then having been encouraged by the Fusions of Both Celestias & Both Lunas, the other Pony/Human Pairs of the same characters start fusing themselves, we see P.Flash Sentry say to H.Flash Sentry "You up for the challenge?", then H.Flash replies "Let's Rock & Roll!", then the 2 slap & grab each others' Hoof/Hand making the same arm poses used in arm wrestling matches, then in a flash of light the 2 Flashs fuse into a Tikbalang version of Flash Sentry, who stands about 6 & 3/4 feet tall, wearing a modification of both the clothes of H.Flash, and the Armor of P.Flash complete with Armor Gloves similar to F.Celestia's & F.Luna's, then we see others fuse like the 2 Derpys, the 2 Trixies(where P.Trixie said "Let's show them all just how Great & Powerful we Trixies Really Are" and H.Trixie said "We'll make it a Real Show Stopper!" before they fused), the 2 Photo Finishs(where they both said "Time for us to work..." before they fused & "...Da Magicks!" after they fused), the 2 sets of CMCs, the 2 Lyras(where F.Lyra was awe-struck about having both Hands & Hooves now), the 2 Bonbons, the 2 Diamond Tiaras, the 2 Silver Spoons, the 2 Big Macs, the 2 Cheerilees, the 2 Snips, the 2 Snails, the 2 Granny Smiths, the 2 Octavias, the 2 Vinyls, etc, etc, and when the 2 Bilk Biceps fuse we see them both shout "LET'S DO THIS!", then they Head-Butt and in a flash of light they fuse into a Tikbalang version of Bulk Biceps & shout "YEAH!!!"(you thought he was loud before, try listening to him shouting with a echo in his voice), then we see F.Celestia say "Now, Everyone Follow Me, To Battle!", then she leads the Fusions to the fight.

We see the Winged Fusions take to the sky, while the Wingless ones start running like bipeds towards the Demons, but then they pounce & starts running like quadrupeds to move even faster, we see the Wingless Fusions galloping towards the Demons, while in the sky above them we see the Winged ones flying close by, then we see them all start fighting against the Demon Shadows, they all keep kicking the Shadows' butts in their own ways, examples would be where F.Bulk Biceps body slamming some Shadows into the ground, and F.Derpy stomping a Shadow on the head with her Butt, and F.Vinyl levitating her record & using them like magical throwing stars that pierce through the Shadows like a hot knife through warm butter just to name a few, and the F.Mane 6 are both surprised & relieved to be receiving reinforcements, then we see F.Twilight taking down a Shadow, and unbeknownst to her there's another one right behind her getting ready to attack, but just then F.Flash does a flying kick & knocks that Shadow off screen, then F.Flash says "Twilight leave these creeps to us, you & your friends focus on the Demons Themselves", F.Twilight then replies "Right", but then he grabs her by the arm & pulls her up closer to his face and says "Hey, just in case we don't make it through this", then F.Flash Kisses F.Twilight on the lips, and they both enjoy the moment for about 5 seconds at the most(but with 2 Twilights fused together & 2 Flashs fused together, it kind of feels like both Flashs are kissing both Twilights at the exact same time, but if they're both fusions of Ponies & Humans, then it may or may not be considered an inter-special romance moment), then F.Twilight happily says "Thanks Flash", then they both fly in separate directions.

With everyone else handling the Shadows, the F.Mane 6 turn their attention to getting through the Magic Dome protecting the Demons, they try punching it, kicking it, Magic blasting it, F.Spike even tries breathing fire on it, even Sunset tries helping them out despite not being a Fusion like the F.Mane 6, with no luck F.Twilight suggests they need something bigger & more powerful to break the dome, then F.Rainbow Dash says "Just leave that to me, you might wanna cover your ears cause it's about to get Awesomely Loud in here!", then she rockets off into the sky, performs a great big loop, then zooms through the sky going faster & faster until she successfully performs a Sonic Rain-Boom right over the dome, only now that R.D. is a Fusion of 2 of herself, this particular Rain-Boom is at least Twice as powerful as a regular Sonic Rain-Boom, the Rain-Boom wave is so intense that it turns the Shadows to smoke & their whisked away with the wind, and the Demons try to endure the Rain-Boom, but it's ultimately futile as they shout & cover their ears, the Rain-Boom manages to break the Demons' concentration & their dome shatters, with their Energy Pillar dissipating as well, then we see the Dimensional Fusion just pauses in place, our heroes managed to stop the Dimensions from Fusing any further, but they can't return the Worlds back to normal until the Demons are defeated.

With our heroes interference in the Demons' Plans, Lord Lucifer then flies up and says "Bothersome Pests!, it appears we've underestimated your resourcefulness", then F.Rainbow Dash flies next to the rest of the F.Mane 6 and says "pphhtt, well There's the understatement of the century", then Lucifer says "It seems that in order for our plans to continue uninhibited we must annihilate you Insects!", then the 4 Demons gather together & start flying with the Wizard Stone in the center of their formation, then F.Twilight says "That's What You Think!", then the F.Mane 6 gather & hold each others' hands to make the exact same Heart Formation from the first EQG Movie, only this time it's being done with Tikablang-like Fusions instead of Zoomorphic-Humans, the Demons transfer their Demon Magic into the Wizard Stone making it glow more & more intensely, and the F.Mane 6 make themselves glow with their Friendship Magic, then the Demons fire a Dark Red Magic Beam at our heroes, while at the same time the F.Mane 6 fire a Rainbow Colored Magic Beam at the Demons, when the 2 Beams hit they start pushing against each other, naturally with the Wizard Stone augmenting their Demon Magic, the Demon's Magic Beam pushes the F.Mane 6's Beam back with greater force then what the F.Mane 6 can handle, and the F.Mane 6 are struggling to keep their Magic Beam going.

Realizing that her friends need help Sunset turns to the all of the other Fusions and tells them all to transfer their Friendship Magic into her(because Sunset is also a worthy wielder of the Element of Magic so it has to be her), then the Fusions begins holding out their hands in a "STOP" hand gesture, then they think of what they value, what they care about, why they want to help & protect their Friends, and the Magic within them all shoots out from their hands as magic beams, then all of that Friendship Magic gets placed within Sunset, then her eyes glow bright white, and then she sprouts those Flaming Phoenix-like Wings she had back in the EQG Short entitled "My Past is not Today", then she floats up, and fires a Bright Reddish-Orange Magic Beam at the F.Mane 6, then they absorb all of the Friendship Magic from Sunset, then the F.Mane 6 use that extra Magic to intensify their own Magic Beam, which makes their Magic Beam become bigger than the Demons' Magic Beam, and pushes the Demons' Beam back towards the Demons, then we see the Demons struggling to keep Their Magic Beam going, then finally they get struck by the Huge Friendship Magic Beam, and they are screeching in pain, then we see the Wizard Stone is absorbing what ever Friendship Magic is hitting it, which combined with the Mirror Portal's Magic, and the Demon's Magic, it ends up overloading the Stone with to many varieties of Magics that contradict each other, so this causes the Stone to begin cracking until it finally breaks apart into pieces.

This then causes the Stone to react with a strong vacuum force, then the Demons are shown being pulling in by the vacuum force in a way similar to how in the 1995 Movie "Jumanji" things got sucked into the board game by the same name, only the 4 Demons are stuck orbiting around the Stone like the Rings of an Atom, and then the Stone with the Demons floats up high into the sky where it EXPLODES, this explosion caused the Demons to be broken apart molecule by molecule, and their very molecules have been scattered across the Infinite Dimensions, they are still alive & all, they've just been scattered, but the Explosion also sends out a massive energy wave that passes through everything without immediately effecting them, then we see the effects of the energy wave as the cracks in the sky start healing themselves, and then everything in the H.World begins returning to normal, as if the P.World was re-separating itself from the H.World, meaning that the Dimensional Fusion is being completely undone, then we see Canterlot High returning to normal, then the Wondercolt Statue is restored back into one piece again, then all of the Fusions begin glowing intensely, and then everyone separates from their counterparts, then we see P.Pinkie who says "Aww, No More Friendship Fusing?", then H.Pinkie says "Bummer, and I was really liking being fused together", then we see P.Rainbow Dash say "Yeah, and here I though I couldn't have gotten any more Awesome than I already was", then H.Rainbow says "Totally, we were like 200% cooler that way".

Then we see H.Twilight looks as if she's struggling just to see, and P.Twilight asks "Are you OK?", then H.Twilight replies "I'm fine but I think..." then she takes off her glasses and her vision suddenly clears up and she says "Hey, M-My Eyes, I-I See Perfectly Clear Without My Glasses! How is that even possible", then P. Twilight says "Hmmm not really sure, could have been a side-effect of that Massive Magical Energy Wave that healed both our Worlds, but it would make an interesting subject to research"(Hey with the Wizard Stone now Destroyed & nothing to make P.Twilight become Human everytime she travels to H.Would, then why not have it so that Sci-Twi doesn't need to wear glasses anymore, it's not like it'll be hard to tell them apart now right?), then we see H.Luna's skin color is now a darker shade of blue similar to P.Luna's fur color, and the second H.Celestia looks at her sister she points this out, then H.Luna looks at her arms, then she takes out a compact mirror from her pocket & looks at her face, then she states "Hmm, you know what, I actually like this look", then P.Luna says "It is a rather befitting appearance if I do say so myself", then Dragon Spike points to the Wondercolt Statue, then P.Rainbow Dash flies over to it, then examines it, then successfully passes through it, then she comes back out and says "Hey Everypony, the Portal back to Equestria is open, we can go back home.", then the Ponies all cheer, and then they all say goodbye/thanks to their H.Counterparts & start passing through the portal, then we see the P.Mane 6 sticking around a little longer to say their goodbye's a little slower than the background/supporting Ponies.

The P.Mane 6 enjoy a brief moment more to get to know their H.Counterparts a little better, then P.Twilight says "Well, guess it's time we went back home", then Sunset says "Well you're not going alone, I'm coming with you", then the H.Mane 6 all go "WHAAAT?!", then H.Fluttershy says "You want to leave us Sunset?", then Sunset in a slightly sad way explains, "Well I don't really Want to but, the thing is I've been feeling very home-sick lately, I didn't want to tell you girls so you wouldn't get upset about it, but I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and, I miss my old Pony Life from back in Equestria, it may not have been as great as I've been having it here lately, but I still had friends & family back in Equestria, coming to live here just meant that I was leaving them all behind, and running away from my old responsibilities I had back then like a coward, and I've been indecisive about whether to stay here or go back, but now I've finally realized that this place isn't where I truly belong, and it's high time I stopped running from my problems & took back those old responsibilities I left behind", then she breaks the tension by letting out a small chuckle and explains "Besides with the Wizard Stone now destroyed there's nothing to keep me in a Human Form in this World anymore, and let's face it a Talking Unicorn isn't exactly going to fit in at a School for Humans am I right?", then H.Pinkie Pie giggles a little and says "Well she's got us there".

Then H.Applejack says "We understand Sunset, you just go where ever yer heart tells ya, we won't hold ya back", then Sunset takes out her Magic Book that she's been using to communicate with P.Twilight and floats it to H.Twilight, telling H.Twilight to keep that book so that the H.Mane 6 can stay in communication with their P.Counterparts, basically this means that Sunset has completely turned leadership of the H.Mane 6 over to H.Twilight, then the H.Mane 6 & Sunset do a group hug, then H.Fluttershy says "We're really going to miss you Sunset", then P.Twilight says "Hey don't feel so bad, as long as we all keep the Magic of Friendship in our hearts, We'll All be able to see each other again someday", then H.Rarity says "You're absolutely right Darling, and whether we're Human, Pony or other wise, we're all still friends", the H.Rainbow Dash says "And we always will be no matter what, That's a Promise", and with that Both Mane 6s, Both Spikes, and Sunset all say one last goodbye to each other, then the Ponies all pass through the Portal back to Equestria, Sunset takes one last brief look behind her shoulder, smiles at her Human Friends & passes through the Portal, followed closely by P.Twilight, and the H.Mane 6 + Dog Spike are all shown standing there smiling while waving goodbye to their Pony Friends Forever.

Then we return to the Pony World, where everypony else has already come through the Portal and are just standing around chit-chatting & waiting for the others to come through safely, then the rest of Mane 6 come through, then we see Sunset come through followed by Twilight, then Sunset looks around then sighs & says "Home Sweet Home", then Princess Celestia comes over and says "Sunset Shimmer, it's been a while since I've seen you face to face", then Sunset in an awestruck face says "Princess Celestia, I..., I...", then she starts tearing up, unable to hold in all of the emotions she's been bottling up for years, then she closes her eyes, and places herself against Celestia saying "I'M SORRY!!!", then she cries while saying, "I was a Fool back then but I swear I've changed my ways, I regret every awful thing I did to you and everyone else I ever mistreated, please tell me you can Forgive ME-e-e-e", then Celestia levitates a handkerchief to wipe Sunset's eyes, then Celestia lifts Sunset's chin with her hoof so that Sunset can look into Celestia's eyes, and Celestia says "It's OK Sunset, I already forgave you a long time ago", then Sunset grabs the Hanky with her Magic, sniffles a little and says "Really?", then Celestia explains about how Twilight has kept her informed about Sunset's progress in the Human World since the events of *Rainbow Rocks*, then Celestia says "And just now you figured out the key to the so called ^Friendship Fusions^, aided in defeating one of the greatest threats in Equestrian History, saved 2 entire universes and brought both those Worlds closer together than they've ever been before, you have surpassed all of my past expectations I had in you back then, and I couldn't be more proud of how far you've come since then", then Sunset tearfully smiles at her former mentor's praise.

Then Celestia says "Of course now that you're back, we could continue your studies from where you left off if you want", then Sunset replies "Well I appreciate the offer Princess, but I've been doing a lot of thinking, our World is so big & filled with so many wonders, and yet I've only seen so little of it, so I've decided that the first thing I'm going to do is go back to see my family again, and then I'm going to go out on a journey of self-discovery, to explore what other wonders our World has to offer, learn all I can about what other forms of Magic are out there, and try to make as many friends as I possibly can, and maybe make amends with my old friends as well", then Celestia closes her eyes, smiles & nods, then opens her eyes and says "If that is your decision Sunset, then I'll gladly support the path you have chosen", and Sunset says "But I promise to write to you every now & again just to keep you aware of my progress", then she turns to Twilight and says "And I promise I'll keep writing to you as well Twilight, and I hope you can still give me advice on friendship every now & again", and Twilight replies "Of course, you can always count on me when you need help Sunset", then the 2 of them hug, then the other members of the Mane 6 join in a group hug and Applejack says "You can count on ALL of us for support Sunset", and Sunset realizes that no matter what world she's in, she still has her friends.

Then Sunset breaks into a heart warming musical number, singing about how awful she used to be, and no matter who it was she was tormenting, the one she was causing the most pain, was to Herself, but Princess Twilight came along and showed her a better path to take, and how she turned over a new leaf, but wondered where she would go from there, and now she knows where she truly belongs & feels good about it, and thanks to her friends she found her way back home, during the song we see Sunset visiting her true family with a warm embrace, and it's also revealed that Sunset can make those Flaming Phoenix-like Wings appear on her back allowing her to fly whenever she wants to or needs to, and not by using the Magic in her Horn, but rather the Magic in her Heart(yeah kind of sappy I know but hey they're Magical Ponies owned by a Toy Company, so what can ya do? Besides it would make her feel similar to *Tianhuo the Longma* from the Video Game *Them's Fightin' Herds* and would at least make a decent idea for a Toy), then we see Sunset doing lots of fun stuff with the Mane 6, the folks of Ponyville, even enjoying a good time with the Princess & even Discord in Canterlot, and they all sing about how "Friends will help you find your way Home", and the song ends with Sunset, the Mane 6 & a bunch of the other members of the vast cast of characters in the TV Show all gathered together to take a photo.

Then we see a Black Screen with Big White Letters that states "Meanwhile Elsewhere...", and the picture fades into Canterlot High back in the Human World, we then go to the Science Class where the Mane 6 are all present for their first class of the new school day(and Sci-Twi is not wearing glasses anymore since the events from yesterday have given her perfect 20/20 vision), we hear them talking about how another day of school has begun, and they talk about how much they're going to miss having Sunset around, commenting about how she used to be a real pain in the neck, but also how much she changed & all of the good times they shared together, and how she made every day feel magical, and how things just won't be the same without her around, then Vice Principal Luna(still sporting her new Darker Shade of Blue Skin-tone due to the events from yesterday) asks for the classes attention, then she states that due to a certain loss of 4 Faculty Members, the School had to get some new teachers, and Luna will now introduce the class to their new Science Teacher, but Luna informs the class that this new teacher skipped a few grades back in her youth, and has only recently received her Teaching Degree, meaning that this will be the very First day of her new Teaching Career so she may be a little nervous, but Luna wants everyone to treat her with the same care & respect as they would with any other teacher at this school, but she also points out that this new teacher may look familiar, however she is not the exact same person that the class may think she is.

Then Luna asks the new teacher to come in, then from a foot-side view the door opens, and in comes a Grown Woman with Light Ember colored Skin, wearing pale colored shoes, then we see her middle section, and she's wearing a pale colored Business-Dress-like outfit, wears a pendent of a Red & Yellow Shimmering Sun around her neck, and is carrying an accordion-style briefcase, then we zoom out to see rest of her, her hair is long & is held up in a Ponytail, and is Brilliant Amaranth colored with Light Green Apple colored Stripes, plus she's wearing a small sun-bonnet with a pin depicting a Red & Yellow Shimmering Sun as well, and is wearing a pair of sunglasses, then she sets her briefcase on the teacher's desk, then sets her hat on top of it, then takes off her sun-glass & puts them in her shirt pocket, revealing that her eyes are Moderate Cyan colored, then she looks towards the class and speaking with a tad bit of nervousness in her voice says "Good Morning class, my name is Miss Sunset Shimmer, and I'll be your new Science Teacher, I'm really hoping we can all get along with one another"(so it turns out that their new Science Teacher is the REAL Human Sunset Shimmer, who is a Grown Woman because she never had anything happen to her that kept her from aging for nearly a decade, and this would also explain why we haven't seen her in any of the other EQG Movies, because she skipped a few grades to graduate from a different high school early, and has been studying to become a High School Teacher for the last few years, and today is the beginning of her new Teaching Career, this Real Human Sunset is in her early to mid 20's, and is about as tall as Vice-Principal Luna or Dean Cadence, and will now be the Human Mane 6's New Teacher, which will allow them to make a unique kind of friendship with their teacher, similar to the Student/Teacher bonds in ^Slice of Life^ Animes like *Azumanga Daioh* or *Lucky Star*, and it would make an interesting twist to the Human Counterpart of Pony Sunset Shimmer), then we see everyone in the Class is making some surprised looks in their faces, then Rainbow Dash leans over to Pinkie Pie and says out loud "Something tells me we won't be missing her as much as we thought we were"(referring to their earlier conversation about how much they'll be missing Pony Sunset, but they now have her Human Counterpart as their New Science Teacher, so that helps fill in a little bit of the void Pony Sunset left when she returned to Equestria), then the picture fades to black and then the end credits start rolling.

During the credits we hear a song(in my own personal opinion the best song for this part here would be the song *When Can I See You Again?* by *Owl City* from the *Wreck-it Ralph* movie, or at least a new song that is very similar & still captures the feelings of that song), and we see a blue zigzaging line similar to the red one in the credits in Rainbow Rocks, only with this one as we pan the camera to one side is connected to the Mirror Portal on one end, and as we pan to the other side is connected to the Wondercolt Statue on the other end, then we pan to the middle and see both the Mirror & the Statue spinning around each other, drawing closer & closer to one another, until they merge & at about 15 seconds into the credits we see them erupt into a huge swirling blue vortex that sucks the camera in(and from here we get pulled through the vortex, only to stop momentarily to see some credits and a pair of vectors of 2 versions of the same character from both the Pony World & the Human World, then the 2 vectors begin flickering out only for a vector of those 2 characters' Friendship Fusion form to flicker in their place, then we pass them only to stop momentarily to see more credits & another pair of character vectors becoming a vector of their Friendship Fusion, then move on to the next one & then next etc.) then as were pulled through the vortex we see some credits with vectors of Both Twilight Sparkles, then we see them change into their Friendship Fusion, then we move down the vortex to see more credits with vectors of Both Rainbow Dashs, then we see them Friendship Fuse, then we move down to see both Pinkie Pies who Friendship Fuse, then we see both Applejacks, then both Raritys, then both Fluttershys, the both Spikes, then both Sunset Shimmers(yes that includes Pony Sunset & her Adult Teacher Human Counterpart), then both Flash Sentrys, then we see a single vector of Louis Cifferobe(Human Form) who is then engulfed in a "woosh" of green flames to become Lucifer(Demon Form), then we see a single vector of Lillian Ithal(Human Form) who is then engulfed in a woosh of purple flames to become Lilith(Demon Form), then we move to see some more credits but now we see vectors of both Lamina Stuart & Lerman Ajeo(Human Forms), then we see wooshes of Blue Flames engulf Lamina making her become Lamashtu(Demon Form), while at the same time Orange Flames engulf Lerman making him become Leraje(Demon Form), (then from here we'll start seeing more than just 1 pair of vectors of the same characters becoming their Friendship Fusion Forms)we then see both Clestias & Lunas, then we see both CMCs, then we see both Big Mac & Cheerilees, then we see both Granny Smiths & Trixie Lumamoons, then we see both Diamond Tiaras & Silver Spoons, then we see both Snips's & Snails's, then we see both Derpys(or Muffins as she's called now) & both Dr. Whooves(if they ever bring his Human Counterpart into the act), then we see both Lyras & Bonbons, then we see both Octavia Melodys & Vinyl Scratchs, then we see both Bulk Biceps's & Photo Finishs, then we see both Shining Armors & Cadences, then we see both Amethyst Stars & Rose Lucks, then at about 2 Minutes & 25 Seconds into the credits we exit the vortex to find Both Mane 6s + Spikes meeting in a big black background, then they all Friendship Fuse with their own counterparts, then they all make a group pose & they take a picture of all themselves together(in more ways than one), then the picture moves up & off screen as the list of credits rolls upward, and as the credits roll we start seeing vectors featuring the Fusion Forms of various characters throughout the MLP:FiM franchise(on the sides of the list we see the vectors, and it shows them where after 1 vectors is completely visible on one side, we then see another vector start coming in from the other side, and it continues on like that for the rest of the credits, and we hear the remainer of the song that started at the begining of the credits, afterwards we hear another song play for the rest of the credits, my opinion would be for it to be a remix of an earlier song heard in the film), we see vectors of the Fusions of Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Spike, and just about any other MLP:FiM character you can think of, after the credits that's THE END.

And after this film would be the perfect time to start an Equestria Girls Spin-off Episodic Series, after the events of "Friendship Fusion" many of the Magical things from Equestria that came into the Human World through the Mirror Portal would end up returning to their True Forms, which would make it so that the Human Mane 6 would have to deal with Magical Creatures, have Wonderous Adventures & Misadventures while still trying to live normal everyday lives, and still coup with Teen/High School Dramas, while also trying to figure out any new Magic Powers they may come across, and with Human Sunset Shimmer as the Mane 6's new Science Teacher things will get pretty interesting, Sunset will teach them how to really roll-up their sleeves & get their hands dirty, by that I mean instead of just reading dusty old books, go out & learn thr
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