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BIG UPDATE (11/9/14) - Updated all of Octavia's Information and App art!

Name: Octavia Aita
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Species: Flare Wing Dragon
Nation: Arranudo (Previously Hephaestus)
Body Size: Medium
Muscle Build: Average/Fit
Height: 6ft tall (quadruped)
Length: 28 feet
Wing Span: 24 feet tip to tip
Weight: 350 lb
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Assassin
Specialty Job:
-Bounty Hunter
-Arms Master
-Woodland Guard: Currently Greenhorn
Soon to Join: Assassin’s Guild and Hunter’s Guild
Likes (in no particular order): gold, jewelry/accessorizing, rain, warmth, friends, her line of work, Fae Gekottas omg, cute critters (Well whatever she considers ‘cute’), her family/tribe
Dislikes (In no particular order): Being alone, outcasted, bullying, drowning,
-Amazing close combat and weaponry skills.
-Good people skills, Social
-Caring and Respectful
-She may get easily distracted.
-Not able to control fire skills well.
-low defense
-She can have a short temper.
Relationship(s): Single
Kanta Aita- Brother
Archimedes- New Friend
Leonardo- Mentor

Octavia is seen to be calm in most situations, thinking fast and coming up with the best solution. Though at times her ideas may endanger herself when she takes the risk. She can at times freak out when the situation is very stressful or happening to fast for her to give her time to think it out. This may also cause her to do whatever it takes to stop what is happening and strategize to fix it without thinking. This is a rare occasion for her as she has trained herself to overcome that and calm down. Octavia is very open to new events and activities, making her very outgoing and social. Due to this, she is very knowledgeable in weaponry and magic, as well in ancient writing and mythology. She is quick to learning anything new. She does have her moments of getting very excited over something she loves. She can also be seen as charismatic and cunning. She likes to make other happy and encourage them when needed. She also tries to looks after herself too, making sure she gives herself the daily encouragement she needs and to never bring herself down. She may seem a bit egotistical to some but Octavia usually struggles liking herself.

She is also very straight forward and a bit blunt. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and put out her own opinions and beliefs. This can hurt some people as it may make her come off as blunt or rude. She tries to do it in others best interest. She does like listening to others own opinions and beliefs as it helps her understand the person. She is usually understanding of others beliefs and will not push her own beliefs on them if they disagree. Although she is straight forward, it doesn’t mean she is completely honest. Octavia has many secrets and is always afraid of having them revealed. This leads to her stubbornness a bit. She isn’t stubborn too much in her beliefs but stubborn to open up and to quit on something. She hates to fail which can lead her to be snappy and overly stubborn to quit. Although she is open , she is also very closed off about her past and what she does. She does at times fear of telling her feelings because she hates being seen as blunt or rude.

Octavia doesn't tell much of her past, though this is what she mainly tells others.
Octavia was born in the southern mountains of Asche. She has two older brothers and a younger sister. Her father had died protecting the tribe from bandits along with the others that have aided him. They have become weak and defenseless for awhile until her mother took the initiative to lead the tribe to it's former glory. Everyone was taught to protect themselves and to only depend on their own abilities when out alone. They have become strong yet again under her mother's rule. Although Octavia's mother was strict, she always appreciated what her mother did for the tribe and her family and looks up to her highly. She grew up learning the in’s and out’s of the mountains and even the deserts of Hephaestus, hunting and gathering, and enhancing her own fire magic from her tribe. Octavia usually says her childhood was great even when it was tough.

Her eldest brother, Kanta, took leadership when she turned 18. Her mother was starting to get old and retired her leadership, passing it on to Kanta. Octavia was very proud of her brother but also struggled finding herself and wanting to know more. Her mother advised her to seek out the god of guidance and light, Zhu or Apollo, he will be able to give her the guidance she may be seeking. She traveled to the temple of Light deep within Asche. The monks and priests there aided her and she spent weeks their training and mediating. Soon she was enlightened and believed her destiny lied in Brennende. She sometimes says Zhu himself guided her there.

From there, she says she arrived in Brennende and offered a job as a bounty hunter from Lord Leonardo. She doesn’t speak on HOW she got the job or what got her there but that is all she really says. Now she lends her skills in Arranudo, her history still growing.

Eyes Colour: Light blue
Scale Colour: Ivory
Scale Highlights: Maize or Pale White
Belly Scale Colour: Pale Yellow
Feather Colour (Wings): Orange, light Gold, and Ivory- Orange being first set of feathers and Ivory being the last set.
Feather Colour (Head/Arms/Legs/Back/Tail): Orange

Face Markings: Three diamonds at the bridge of the nose, going upwards.
Eye Markings: Four dashes underneath the eyes with three dots in between them. Under both eyes.
Arm/Leg Markings: One big triangle pointing down with two triangles at it’s ends. Small dots are beneath it in a row.
Back markings: Going straight down the spine are a row of diamond shapes they go in a pattern of big and small.

CLOTHING: -Most commonly seen in-
Head: Blue Flame Mask- a dark blue mask with a light blue jewel on it. Only worn on the job.
Neck: Aqua Jeweled Necklace- a necklace decorated with beautiful jewels. It is worn to look like two necklaces.
Seafoam Silk Scarf- A light and airy silk scarf.
Hands: Navy blue fingerless gloves- Simple and dark fingerless gloves. A bit worn out.
Two Gold Bracelets- two beautifully crafted gold bracelets that are engraved with ancient Hephaestus writing on it.
Tail: Aqua connected tail bracelets - Three bracelets connected with loops of silk.

-None ATM-

1. Winged Dagger- a dagger that has the World Eater on it. It was crafted by the blacksmiths of Hephaestus and is very hard to break.

What are you Combative or Martial skills / Also list if you've learned any special style of combat from your nation here.

These are skills that your character has to perform an action to use. example; drawing a sword for a quick strike attack and returning it to it's sheath
I. Multiple Slash- when the daggers is drawn, Octavia would unleash multiple quick slashes.
II. Quick Claw- Using her claws she will run up and slash the opponent.
III. Tail Sweep- Using her long tail, she will do a quick turn to trip up her opponent.

These are skills that your character can use automatically without the need to activate them. Examples; heightened sense of hearing, natural night vision eyes, Aura sensing (the ability to sense someone's presence before they come within striking distance.)
I. Fire Immunity- Fire attacks deal less damage than normal. Also extreme heats and walking in lava does not affect Octavia much.
II. Inner Warmth- when cold or wet, Octavia will heat up to warm herself and others in a 5 foot radius, can last up to 10 hours. Needs to recharge for 5 hours.
III. Silent Steps - Due to immense training as a bounty hunter, her steps are very quiet and quick.
IV. Hawk Eyes- When in the sky or in a crowded city, Octavia can see every detail and pinpoint a target rather quickly. Her attention to detail is sharpened.


Spells that you have to activate, summon, perform an act or saying to cast
1) Fire Feathers Strike- Her feathers are set ablaze, wings, head, arms, legs, and tail feathers all apply. With her tail, wings, or arms, she can sends a powerful strike wither her flaming feathers.
2) OverHeat- When in critical danger or in a tough spot, Octavia will send heatwaves from her body to protect herself. The heatwaves could go up to 30 feet and last only 10 minutes. 5 hour recharge.
3) Lyric of the Fire Dragons- When chanted, fire shaped as dragons spirals around her. The dragons can be used to protect the user from attacks OR used to attack an enemy. Depending on her choice the dragons will last only 25 minutes. Need a 3 hour charge.
4) Fire Fang- Flames will burst from her mouth and may shape into fiery fangs. She will run up to her enemy and bite them with flames bursting everywhere. The move has a chance to cause severe burns.
5) Magma Stream- By chanting an ancient lyric, a fire ruin would appear at her hands. When she hits the ground, the ground cracks and magma burst through the cracks. It will quickly stream around the enemy and fire would burst through the ground. Can only be used once a day as it drains a lot of magic.

Naturally affects you or enhances you without having to first activate it.
1) Blazing Feathers- With a blink of an eye, Octavia can set ablaze to her feathers. Unfortunately, this can also activate when she is extremely upset or angry.
2) Phoenix ashes - When her feathers are ruined they will completely burst into flames and turn to ash, a new set of feathers come in 30 minutes or less.
3) Rays of Light- when in meditation light will pour down on Octavia, giving her a clear mind and slightly healed of injuries. It is said when using this move, Zhu, himself gives you guidance.

Enchanted Accessories
• Blue Flame Mask- *see description above* The mask can hide Octavia in the shadows or the dark fairly easily.


Gonna get her app up so I can submit the tasks she is gonna do :'D My third main! She's quite the firecracker of my other two so it will be fun writing and drawing stories for her. Hopefully I can portray her well...
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