Ren Character Profile Picture

Edit: Colored in the line work
Just me derping around in PS trying to get familiar with it... This is my Bully OC Ren...and yes she is some what strange, her limbs are prosthetic. I'll upload her profile in chunks here and there. Still revising it though.

Biographical Information

Full Name [& Pronunciation] – Birth name:Ao Tachibana[OW TAH-CHI-BANNA] Current Name:Ren Kondo [REHN CON-DOH]
Meaning – Ao=Blue-Green color Tachibana=Wild Orange
Ren=lotus (蓮) Kondo=near wisteria (近藤)
Set Age -15
Certified Birth date – June 3, 1991
Astrological Sign - Gemini
Chinese Zodiac -Sheep

Gender -Female

Aliases & Preferred Nicknames – Unit 13: most people at the facility call her this, Blue Butterfly, Blu: her trainer, Andeo, calls her this, he is also the one who named her Ren, he gives each of the girls he trains a type of butterfly name, Ren-Ren: Alice, Unit 22, along with her younger siblings the twins Alister and Alvis, both Unit 11 call her this, Worm: Illana Unit 4 calls her this she does not like Ren all that much, New Girl: most people at Bullworth call her this the first month, Soy-sauce: Gary calls her this and it eventually becomes his pet name for her


Distant Descendants
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