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Name: Damara Agape
(Damara is "gentle" in Greek and Agape means "love"in Greek too. "Gentle love" in a way. He recieved his wife's surname.)

Species: Manticore (en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantic…)
Age: 198 (Long life span)

Height: 5.6 feet

Weight: 89 pounds

Gender: Male

Body type: Broad and stocky and of solid stature.

Birthplace: Mesodona
(A fictional country that is heavily based of of ancient Greece and it's architecture.It is inhabited by many creatures of myth in moebian form and humans as well.It does have modern day technology and advancements mixed in with it's ancient architecture, of which they still build and design with today. Many of their citizens recieve excellent educations. They are an education and military driven country. But they are a very open people and the country is considered an excellent tourist spot.)

Relationship status: Married

Occupation: Runs "Pegasus deliveries and gift" jointly, does the paperwork and runs the shop usually unseen by customers.Will occasionally make deliveries himself if Voska is too busy.
Helps to train Javeleen in her magic and potion brewing.

Side occupation: Sells his potions on the side of the shop.

Personality: Damara is a fairly easygoing individual who enjoys his time alone just as much as he enjoys being with others I.E. He is an ambivert.His moral compass is mostly intact being that he has values that he regards highly...but he is not above bending them or finding loopholes in specific situations. Let's just say he would make a great lawyer. He takes his time and will wait for others to act or make a move as well.He tends to have a darker sense of humor that he sometimes uses as a couping mechanisms, but he rarely shows it in front of those he likes/cares about. Especially since not very many of his friends would appreciate it.
He has a very realistic view on the world having experienced both hardship and bliss, so he approaches expecting nothing inparticular but preparing for anything. He veiws violence as a necessary evil that should only be used in specific situations but not abused or misused. Like for hunting or protecting. He is very fatherly towards most of his loved ones/friends (probably being that he is older than most of his friends.) offering advice and assistance whenever he can. And he is a huge cuddler too, a very affectionate man at heart with alot of love to give.

Hobbies: potion making, growing plants ( for his potions), bird watching, hunting, cooking (meals on the stove top he sucks at baking.), will occasionally make cologne and perfumes, practicing magic.

Likes: roast duck, eating meat in general, Voska (very much), magic tricks, his new home, visiting Mesodona, leaving Mesodona, his student, his friends,

Dislikes: He hates puns.(You have a pun for him, he has a war joke for you. No one will laugh after that...) fairies (he WILL try to eat most of them on sight, diplomacy be damned.) war, most Florien monarchs and monarchy (he is perfectly find with the citizens and lower class. They aren't total tyrants.), needles, and dentists.(his teeth are perfectly healthy. All three does of them!)

Quirks: *Like his friend pasha, he takes prise in his smile. Not everyone else sldoes so he is careful who he grins to. Likes to floss twice a day
*His back and wings are covered with chitin plates, but the fest of him is soft and fluffy.
*Hates most fairies because they are tricksters by nature and has watched them screw many people over. So he would rather not put up with "truth manipulating, murderous baggards who hold doublestandards and can't be honest with themselves."
*He has a deep chuckle when he laughs, it sounds guteral and odd.
* He hates sudoku puzzles.
*Wants children one day, like in fifty years. He and Voska are talking about it.

Powers and abilities:
--Stregnth : Damara has the strenth of two adult male lions and twice the stamina.he is a very strong flier able to carry three times his own weight. Has very thick boned and is extremely durable.
Oddly enough, dispute his strength he is not a strict physical attacker and would rather not get his hands dirty.

--Speed : he is surprisingly fast for a creature of his size and weight. He is fleet of foot (at 47 miles per hour) but not in flight. He is not as fast as most other's go but he can get around. He is more of a sprinter than a runner and can tire out relatively quickly

--Tail : Damara's scorpion tail carries a highly potent toxin that paralyzed or kills depending on the concentration and dosege. He can control the potency at will but usually dilutes it to where it causes mild, temperate paralysis upon injection. He can also control the dosage in the spines he shoots from the tail as well. He only used it as a last resort. He sometimes uses it as a whip or a club to knock annoyances away.

-- Magic: Damara is a mainly a manic user, casting affects like slow-down or confusion. He is also an expert at healing spells and several attack spells.
His other expertice goes to potions of various affects. Some ofgood and bad luck, a temporary curse that renders you unable to fight, and an attraction potion, bright expllosives and more .he usually carries and abundance of them in his cloak and will casually toss them at enemies he feels stray too close

Weaknesses: while a strong flier, he is exceedingly slow, and has trouble flying at night. It is possible to beat him or knock him down if you are a faster runner. Tires after sprinting. His stomach is very vulnerable to attacks as it is exposed and he has no armor. Although he can use his potions , he can not cast healing spells on himself.


Voska Agape (wife/mate) :untraceablemystic.deviantart.c… Voska gave him her surname being that he had no last name. The gold coil around their arms is a sort of wedding ring and was given to them through a bonding cerimony. He and Voska are very close and although they have their own problems and skirmishes they always make up for it . Damara loves her very much and simply wants her to be happy. He is the lovey-dovey one of the pair while Voska is the outgoing protective one. It is a nice dynamic.

Pasha Woolinette (friend) :
she first met him as a child when she first entered the shop with her gtandfather. Pasha showed little fear of his imposing form and would come by periodically to visit. She free up with him and his wife visiting for holidays and occasionally sharing their wisdom with her during hard times.They have been good friends ever since.

Fennel Eri (friend):
Damara met him for the first time during one of pasha's shop visits. Fennel paniced a bit when first laying eyes on him as he emerged from the back of the store. It took a while for the bit to get to know him, he being completely terrified of Damara's apperence. But after some coaxing and Damara's patience, he was able to kindle a friendship.
Fennel has been known to assist Damara when gathering supplies or finding new cloths.(since Damara is kinda big and he tends to freak out other people). He is especially helpful during night flights and late errand runs. (moths have night vision... Manticores kinda don't.) He is one of the few who gets his humor.

Taleem Maripesh (Aquintence):
She and Damara are well accuanted and have high levels of respect for one another but aren't that close. Taken knows him through Voska whom she has a close friendship with. He will occasionally have tea with her and Voska.

Javaleen Woolinette (Student/friend):
during a chance encounter through the shop, he came to the front To see commotion. It took a while for Javaleen to warm up to him, being that while she was not scared of him, he assumes she was. So he tried to avoid her and stuck to his work whenever she studies with Voska. This would go on for three months. One day, she was on break and came across him while brewing. Upon greeting him nervously she asked what he was doing. And he replied that he was working on a luck potion and asked if she would like to help him. She shyly obligued.
After that Damara took her under his tutilige and he and his wife would teach her as mucj as they could. He and Javaleen have a very strong bong and helps to look after her. She sees them as part of her family.

Queen Valerie Vine (enemy/deceased):
A florien monarch who seeked the assistance of Damara and his mentor. He worked for her several years before he met Voska. He doesn't talk about her or his life befor or much but he does claim that she was a tyrant who held all of her kingdom in an iron grip. He often claims that she stole it from the previous monarch. The original Queen, of which he has saved as well.
During his time with Valerie , He experienced true hatred. He and his Mentor left the night before the colony went to war. He held no remorse when her kingdom fell by Mesadonian forces.

Damara was born to two loving yet struggling parents and is a fraternal twin. The other twin died from a childhood illness four years later so he barely remembers her. ( although he still claims to "feel" her every now and again.) But after the tragedy and some grieving his parents focused soley on grooming him for success.Not wanting their only child to live as poorly as they did and wanted him to have better. When He showed himelf to be pfofficient in magicat the age of 31, a mage come by to asses him.
Upon his assesment, the old mage asked if he would take him on as an understudy so he could teach him his art. Damara was reluctant but his parents urged him for days on in until he complied. After that he packed his few belongings and followed the old mage, beckoning his parents goodbye. He would spend many years traveling and training with him and over time became his friend and close alt, especially in areas where Damara was't given a warm welcome.

A time would come when when the pair were under service from a florien Queen, although it was not completely volentary. As they served her , seven years, a war would break out between her and the inhabitants of Mesodona. The Queen sent the older mage to confront the oposing forces but he died in the insuing battle. Enraged and greving , Damara saught to leave and took the war as a opportunity to get away. He held no loyalty to the queen and he knew she was going to loose anyway. The night he left was the fall of the kingdom.(Fortunately a new, better florien monarch was established.)
Several months later, as he was settling in a new home, a small skirmish had broken out and he his away. Afterwards he found a wounded warrior and taking mercy on the dying thing , took them along and healed them. This would be the first time he and Voska,his future wife, have met. Damara wouldn't be able to get rid of her after that.
Later along the years they would form an entering relationship and soon were married. Choosing to move away, they went to station square and made their own living .

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