Eraco Picture

Name: Eraco
Gender: male
Breed: fire dragon
Description: the left side of his body is mostly black with the exception of the head legs and tail, the right side of his body is the exact oposite, the horn on the left side is blue and strait and his left eye is blue, the horn on the right side is a golden brown and curves, his right eye is a golden brown as well.
Abilities: breaths fire and can use wind to fly, eyes emit a harsh light when angered

Clan: fire
Rank: warrior
Age: 570
Mentor/Apprentice: n/a
Mate: n/a

has a two sided personality, can be nice at times but not very often. mostly tries to avoid others

was abandoned by his original family wile he was still just an egg, Eraco was adopted by a family of merchant dragons. The family hopped around a lot so he never really got the chance to form strong bonds with other dragons. Eraco was raised not knowing that he was adopted, but he eventually found out after he almost died in a battle against rogues. He never really felt like he belonged after that. A couple weeks later, after a long day of travel, Erico left his adopted family. Some years passed before he joined fire clan, and he has lived there ever since.

Trivia: n/a

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