[Kid Icarus OC] Manakel - reference sheet Picture

Due to some circumstances, I had to change the previous ''Green'' OC. And since I absolutely love Kid Icarus: Uprising, plus being an user of Dark Pit in Smash Wii U (would have use Pit if his Final Smash was better!), I went to create an OC in that franchise. This lil' angel has a very interesting creation story, let me tell ya. He also became my 5th main OC, meaning he has a special place in my heart (his creation story mainly affected the decision). So, before his bio, let me share with you that amazing creation story:

Since the day I discovered that I had a guardian angel named Manakel, I wanted to create a character bearing his name along with a somewhat angelic design. The possibility could be done when I discovered Kid Icarus. Since the main theme of this game is like angels and (let's say) Greco-Roman mythology, I made some research among the gods and goddess. I learned that, just like birthstones, there is a divinity assignated to each month. Mine happens to be Dionysos/Bacchus, God of Wine and many other things. And I found coincidences between the beings linking somewhat to my birthday, I was simply amazed.;

- Both has the Amethyst as symbolic gem;
- Manakel's color is green, and Dionysos/Bacchus is sometimes given the title of God of Nature (and what's the color we assign to nature?);
- Both has Aquarius as main Zodiac symbol (which is mine);
- Fun facts; my father's name comes from the God of Wine himself in the Croatian language (a quick research will tell what it is), and my mother was born in May, meaning that her birthstone is the Emerald (a green gem). As a joke, my father is a god and my mother is a guardian angel, lol.

It's mainly from these elements that this Manakel was born. Some details were also added, like his specie. Dionysos/Bacchus is sometimes depicted as a half god/half human, while my character is also an hybrid, but from an angel instead of a god (these beings are known as ''Nephilim(s)''. They're in the Bible, so I didn't create the specie).

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