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"I'll just keep smiling. Smiling is in my outside, so it belongs to the others. But my tears come from inside me. My tears belong to myself only."
Name: Morana (Means "death" in Slavic. In Slavic mythology this was the name of the goddess of winter and death.)

Nickname: Mora

Species: Lokotunjailurus

Gender: Female

Age: 7 years

Rank: Warrior

Tribe Evaresa

Abilities: Wind(lv.2) & Water(lv.2)


“What you must understand about me is that I’m a deeply unhappy person.”
― John Green



Happy (she fakes it most of the time)

Sad and broken


  “Tears are words that need to be written.”
― Paulo Coelho

Morana was born in Evaresa to two happy sabers.
Since little, she always showed to be a sweetheart. Her caring nature made her very mature, and she would help her friends when they needed. Actually, she had a lot of friends, who really enjoyed her company.
At the age of becoming a tyro, Mora already showed to be changing from a cute cub to a beautiful female. When she started training to become a warrior, she started getting friends with the full warriors. Thanks to that, she easily learned what her mentor told her, and would lend a paw to her tyro friends too.
Months passed, and her mentor thought Morana was ready to the warrior life.
Mora was now a beautiful young adult. That, and oblivious. She wouldn't notice that someone had a crush on her unless this one roared their feelings to the whole archipelago to listen. And she actually wasn't interested in a relationship. She had a lot to do before thinking about seeing anyone in a romantic way. One of those things was a tyro.
Around a year after Mora was promoted, her friend and her got tyros, two brothers: Gilan and Tenjin. Morana liked Tenjin soon after she got assigned to mentor him. And felt that her feelings where reciprocate. She also liked her friend's tyro, Gilan. The young boy was quite dedicated, and she enjoyed that.
Tenjin always got clumsy in the training sessions, and when they got back to the camp, Mora noticed her tyro got grumpy and avoided his brother. She thought it was normal brother rivalry, and never cared a lot about that. In the last tests, she got surprised when Tenjin performed it perfectly while even Gilan made a few mistakes. She got really proud of him, and couldn't stop smiling when the brothers were promoted. Mora continued being Tenjin's close friend long after the promotion cerimony.
[He dies]
In a night, seasons later, Tenjin asked Mora to go with him in a walk in the sunset. Noticing he seemed troubled, Morana agreed, and they talked about Gilan's personality. Mora suggested Tenjin take a walk with his brother and talk about anything else before reaching the subject. As the night fell, the female was surprised by Tenjin's confession. But she only could see him as a friend.
Soon after they arrived the camp, Tenjin took a walk with Gilan. Morana decided she would talk with Tenjin when they came back, but it was almost midnight and no sign of them. Then, Gilan arrived, alone, with a cold explression and... covered in blood.
That night and the following day passed too fast for her. Tenjin was dead. And it was his own brother who killed him. For whatever reason. It was too much for her even before Gilan was banned and spat several insults to her, saying it was all her fault. And she thought he was right.
She cried until she fell asleep for the following nights, avoiding her friends, and was never the same after that.


“Imagine smiling after a slap in the face. Then think of doing it twenty-four hours a day.”
― Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

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