-WolfMother-Vega Picture

General Info

Warrior Name || Longtail
Long || 'Long' is chosen for her long limbs, and whiskers.
Tail || 'Tail' is due to her rather abnormally long tail.
Common Names || Vega- Her preferred name of course, her mate would often call her Vegas to irritate her.
Past names || Vega, Earth-Mother, Orange One
Gender || Female
Rank || Espion
Age || 6 years, 8 months
Age Reference || +5 years 5 months B.C, (n)1 year after Calamity, +1 year 8 months P.C
Time of Birth || 5 years 5 months B.C
Earth-Mother Age || 4 years 8 months

Breed || Shorthair moggy
Origin || Pilgrim
Current Apprentice || N/Y
Past Apprentices || Nora, Grayson.
Past Mentors || Alexander


|| Power Chart ||

Class || Psychic
Invested Abilities || Command Tier 7 | Healing Tier 2 | Dreamwalking Tier 1 |
Initial Ability || Command- Being a Pilgrim already made it clear this she-cat is good at soothing the wounded, and being their for the needy. Her command ability helps her when urgent care for a cat is needed. Making her a good medic when she finds wounded felines

|| 16
[Welcoming New Lights] || 16

Favor || 0
[The Light is fading] || 0


Family Ties- "Death is a heartache Vega. Your not going to escape the pain by wallowing in it. Not ever, but love is a memory that will never leave, and no one can make it leave." - Mia
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