[T3R] Gray Flower Picture

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Alastrina / Gray Flower

Full name: Quinne Alastrina Caindenn
Nicknames/Aliases: Rin (if you're close), Lady Alastrina / Gray Flower
Sex: Female
Hometown: Lacandia Kingdom
Occupation: The third eldest princess of Lacandia Kingdom
Magic type: Santelmism ( derived from Philippine Mythology [ Santelmo ], but is kinda different; also fire orb transformation )

(Copy-pasted from Mystique's profile lol) Santelmos of the Third Realm are magic users who had mastered concentrating their manna into a single, glowing orb (santelmism), thus, giving them the advantage of being able to transport to places more easily. They are known to be one of the few mages able to pass the Barrier at any time given without losing their memories, if they choose to pass in their orb form. However, in the Third Realm, most kingdoms and denominations do not see much use of the Santelmo skill, and so, many refuse to fund their trainings. It also doesn’t help that most Santelmos are usually very neutral and without affiliation to the kingdoms, which lead to the notion that they won’t be of any use to economy or even to war. Thus, only a few people choose to train as Santelmos, and even fewer who stay in the training and become mentors.

Given their specialty, they aren’t concentrated in one place (unlike the other magic practitioners who live in groups), making it quite hard to find one in an instant.


Alastrina is the third child born to the Caindenn Noble Family, the rulers of the once small nation, Lacandia. At a young age, she already considered the possibility of being a non-heir to the throne, for it is her two older sisters vying for that spot - as chosen by their parents. Despite that, Alastrina remained as the obedient young girl people of their castle were fond of. She was a very peace-loving child, and as she grew up, she brought with her her maternal instincts, in addition to her maturity (for her age) recognized by the people who knew the Caindenns.

Being equally talented as her siblings, Princess Alastrina wasn't really a shadow behind her sisters' obvious competition, and people treated her as the most suitable candidate for their small kingdom's throne (even though she wasn't really a candidate in the first place). When the original King and Queen of their kingdom died, the princesses took over their duty, working hand-in-hand for the betterment of their land. However, things started to change when they grew up. The royal advisers noticed their lack of unity in decision-making, which, according to them, can lead to more discord in the future. They pushed that there can only be one Queen, so that there will be a firm judgment regarding issues, and good choices shall be made for the kingdom. Her two older siblings, both wanting to be Queen, started expeditions and attacks to conquer or discover new lands and prove themselves worthy as a ruler.

She didn't want to partake in the competition for the throne because she thinks that power will change her (for the worse), and so, Alastrina chose the path of a Santelmo to remain neutral and (she thinks) inelligible for the throne. She left the castle and traveled with the other Santelmos. Of course, a princess joining a guild of weakly-recognized magic-users became a big controversy in the kingdom (thus, she earned the title "Gray Flower" as a reference to her neutrality), but the issue was short-lived for it was replaced by the news of her sister Isabelle conquering the Divisions of the Prism and expanding Lacandia's rule.

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