Trigger Profile Picture



Strength: -3/10
Speed: - 6/10
Agility: -7/10
Intelligence: -4/10


Secret ID:
Phoebe De’Angelo

Meant "bright, pure" from Greek phoibos. In Greek mythology Phoibe was a Titan associated with the moon.

Superhero Alias:

Shoots with trick bullets from her guns.

Guns, Fee, Ange, De, Frenchie, Trig, Tigger (by Kid Flash)

15, turns 16 on the 9th of June



England, Milton Keynes

Places Lived:
Milton Keynes, London, Star City

Current Residence:
Avalon Park (Suburb of Star City)

152cm/ 4’10”




Eye Colour:
Pale Green

Hair Colour:
Light-Brown hair

Hair Type:
Shoulder length, straight, thick, messy fringe, layered, doesn’t put her hair up, even though she complains about it getting the way.

Physical Description:
Slim, 32A cup, rectangle shape, not really any shape, triangle shape face.


Good Traits:
She can be very independent, and can work well in a team. She’s cheerful and keeps the spirits of her friends up in time of depression. She couldn’t care less on what other people think of her. Enthusiastic and tries her best to stay positive, even during school.

Bad Traits:
Her ego can get in the way of team work and can make her impulsive. She is fiery and pugnacious, tough, headstrong, sarcastic, and assertive. This can cause her to under look a situation and get herself in trouble. She has a short temper and can be pushed over the edge very easily, and is very competitive. Her way of venting anger is ranting and beating the noodles out of harmless objects. Her immaturity and lack of forethought often lead her to disrespect those around her

Good Habits:
Saving money, exercises regularly, doesn’t give up.

Bad Habits:
Snacking of junk food throughout the day, go into all sorts of situations without really thinking things through, can be very controlling if frustrated (like if her team is losing at a football/soccer match).

Weird Habits:
Singing to herself, can only sleep laying face down.

Arachnophobia, Needles, heights, slight fear of the dark, horror films, Apiphobia (fear of bees), and a fear of thunder/lightning

Favourite Food:
Pancakes with golden syrup

Favourite Drink:
Fanta orange

Favourite Movie:
Wanted (and other action-y films)

Favourite Book:
Tales of Robin Hood

Favourite Song:
Rock DJ – Robbie Williams

Favourite Band/Singer:
Robbie Williams and Take That

Favourite Time of Year:
Summer (her costume has no sleeves, so she hates the cold)

Best Subject(s):
Art, P.E, Chemistry (enjoys blowing things up)

Worst Subject(s):
Maths, Physics, Biology (she’s not very good with complex thinking)


To be assigned

Chanté De’Angelo (46) (French)

Harry De’Angelo (50) (English)

Justin De’Angelo (8 mins older than her) & Felix De’Angelo (15 mins younger than her)
Other Significant Relatives: None

Closest Friends:
Cassidy Hiddle (15)

Bella Nakos ‘Swift’ (15) (old friend but went their own ways when they found different uses for their powers) , Justin De’Angelo ‘Point Blank’, Avalon Thugs.


Roy Harper (she doesn’t know he’s Red Arrow, she’s just seen him in newspapers and magazines about him being Queen’s kid), and a small crush on Wally/Kid Flash
Past Relationships: None


Power(s): Phoebe has no powers unlike her brothers.
Power Perks: N/A
Power Limits: N/A
Weapon(s): Originally- paintball guns, Cartridge Guns. (They shoot trick bullets inspired by Green Arrow’s trick arrows)

Swift and stays at a distance, using her guns to fight the enemies, as she is not so fantastic at hand-o-hand combat, but is slowly learning with the help of her mentor.

Her accuracy is to a better level than the average human, but not as much as Green and Red Arrow. She is very agile, and quick on the trigger. When she is focused, she can be very observant, still and patient (but not for enormas amounts of time) which helps when sniping enemies. She has fairly good aim in other projectiles such as knives and archery, but tends to stick to her guns.

Her ego can get in the way of fighting and can cause upset in a team. She’s not incredibly strong, so relies on her guns, maybe too much. She can lose focus if she has too much on her mind. Outside of battle, she can also get drunk very easily. She can become unfocused easily, therefore become very sloppy and reckless when fighting.


Her mother is a coffee shop owner and her father is the manager of a jewellery store in Star City.

Her two brothers, Justin and Felix, were born as triplets with her. Felix and Justin were born with pyrokinesis. She lived in Milton Keynes when she was 2 and moved to London when she was 3. Her father got a job offer as a manager at a new branch in Star city, so the family moved out there and into Avalon Park. When they were younger, Justin and Felix found that their powers were fuelled by emotions. Justin, who like Phoebe is very rash and impatient, had difficulties in controlling his abilities, whereas Felix had good control over it. One day when the three were 8, Justin was played a prank on Felix, where Felix went to blow out a randomly left lit candle, Justin would make it flame up into his face. But only seeing the back of Felix, didn’t know that Felix had his mouth open to breath in to blow it out when Justin controlled the flame to go up into Felix’s face. The flame went into his mouth and burnt his mouth and the inside of his throat, causing Felix to permanently lose his voice. Justin, obviously getting the blame, became the black sheep of the family after the siblings are told that he is too dangerous because of his temper.

Phoebe tended to part from her brothers at school, but after a while started to keep Felix close when he was the target of Justin and his gang’s bulling. She started to get a sense of protecting those who are weaker or different due to this. Phoebe had a close ring of friends at school who kept her brother’s secret. In that inner ring was Cassidy Hiddle, Felix’s best friend and Bella, Phoebe’s best friend. Cassidy’s incident that gave him his powers happened when she and Felix were 11. Bella’s dad owned a paintball park and so the kids got free passes every weekend, this built up Phoebe’s target skills with a ‘gun’ from a young age of 7.

When Green arrow first started out, she started to idolise him. She and Bella also started to get a crush on Queen’s new ward, Roy Harper. Well, come-on, what teen girl wasn’t crushing on the rich and ever so handsome ginger? On summer camp she would pick Archery or Paintball camps.

As they grew older, Felix and Justin gained more controlled of their powers, but in opposite ways. Felix had a more gentle and meditated approach, whereas anger and rage fuelled Justin’s powers. She and Felix grew increasingly worried at how involved Justin was getting into the criminal world, yet Phoebe still did nothing, as she still held many grudges against him from many past events.

When her Dad’s shop got robbed and her Dad got beaten to a pulp while trying to defend it, this affected the family in different ways. Justin saw that it was easy for the crooks to get away with all that dough and not get caught and got the theory that if it was that easy for ‘normal people’ to get away with all that money, then it must be a piece of cake to rob even bigger with his powers. So Justin took the path of crime, but not on a serious level. The triplets where 14 at the time.

Phoebe wanted to help people like her father after this, so she and her ring of friends set out to help the neighbourhood from crime. They called their group main-frame (because Cassidy like to be in his own computer environment (which he called Main-frame) and tracked the bad guys with his high-tech computer and his own genius). However, Phoebe’s ego started to take over the group and eventually Bella started to become increasingly jealous at the fact that the other 3 had ‘gifts’ and she didn’t, so she left the group for reasons Phoebe, Felix and Cassidy didn’t understand, and joined Justin in his crimes.

The ‘betrayal’ deeply hurt Phe and stepped down as leader of the group in fear that she would encourage one of the other two to switch (even though this was unlikely as their personalities didn’t quite fit villain activities) , and passed the role of leader onto Cassidy. She still remains as part of a group, but she wants’ to start protecting people on a wider scale and is looking for someone to train her. She and Felix originally used paintball guns, but Cassidy developed cartridge guns for her and Felix. These fire bullets that are similar to Green Arrow’s trick arrows.

One day, whilst out on patrol, Green Arrow saw the little group of teens stopping a shop robbery that he was about to stop, and was impressed. He saw that they had some potential. So GA found some info on them and took it to the Dark Knight himself to see if they were good enough to join the team. Batman accepted, so GA confronted the trio. Phoebe, being a GA fan, was eager to accept the offer. Felix and Cassidy are still pondering whether or not their ready whilst Batman is still deciding who to put Phoebe with (mentor wise).

Phoebe and Felix had a training session with the team, and they were pretty lousy. When they were introduced to the team, Phoebe stuttered her hero name and it came out like Tigger not Trigger, so Kid Flash’s new nickname for her is now Tigger.

She and Felix now await a mentor.
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