TC: Heca Svipdagr Picture

Name: Heca Svipdagr (Heca is from Ehecatl meaning wind serpent, Svipdagr is a man from norse myth that was cursed to be a dragon)
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Height: 153 cm

Original World: Naga
The World of Naga is inhabited by land beasts, leviathans, but largely populated by dragons.
Since the beginning of time dragons have roamed the soil of Naga. It’s historical origin was first recorded by the first human successful in communication with a dragon, Athul.

When the World was newly created there were only four dragons and each were the master of their own element:
-Fafnir governs the volcanoes and sunbeams of the world.
-Naelyan rules every river in the world and the vast ocean.
-Grail looked after the mountains, land, minerals, and even gems.
-Sairyss governs the sky and controls wind current.

Human is a mythological creature in the eyes of the dragons. Indeed the dragons are intelligent but they are not creative. Humans have more range of emotions while dragons are more black and white. The first human that communicated with a dragon was a world traveler that stumbles to Naga by accident. Her name was Minerva. She met Athull, a Sairyss dragon who is smart enough to understand what she says.

Minerva recorded her conversation with Athull and in return she taught him about humanism and technology. Minerva is also a scientist and she made Sairyss a pendant that can transform him into a human while wearing it to make his work easier. Sairyss convinced the other dragons that having this pendant will create a major breakthrough in the Naga’s history and so they’ve agreed to make more pendants. After several years of training with the pendants and Minerva taught them about humanity, she left to travel to another world.

Dragons that possessed the pendant can choose to be a druid (theologicians, philosophers), a sage with dragon powers, knights with dragon powers, but some who’s not clever enough can chose to stay true to their origin, which is to be the ride of dragon knights. One can hold the pendant until they chose their path and give it to someone else. The pendant is for temporary use only. Once they made a contract with the spirits within the pendants they are stuck with what they choose to be.

Status Points:
Attack: 3
Def: 5
Agi: 7
Int: 3
Aim: 5
Know: 7

World-Union: Caelin

Similar to a domestic dog Heca embodies vivacious personality. He is really hyper and likes to seek attention from the people around him, especially his master. He’s only attentive if the speaker spoke with authority. He has an attention span of 4 seconds unless the speaker is very convincing. He likes to greet people, regardless if they look scary or not.

As he is a Sairyss dragon, he possesses a very intelligent mind. He likes to solve puzzles and the more interesting an activity is the more he will be likely to listen. The Sairyss race is also known as a very agile race that hunt beasts with high mobility.

In a dragon village, located in a valley near the Ballua Mountain, lived a dragon family called the Svipdagr. Similar to every dragon families, the Svipdagr choose special dragons to wear a pendant that can transform them into a human. Feng Svipdagr is a Sairyss dragon and the head of the Svipdagr family. He’s the pendant holder at the moment and his occupation is as a druid. Among Feng’s children is Feng’s son named Heca, whom he conceived before he received his pendant.

When the great impact happened, Naga lost its life force which is in the form of Astral. The dragons who got their magic from the natures around them was affected the worst. But the sages were able to hold the impact temporarily with their magic. The dragons that transformed into human started to change their diet into eating vegetables and plants grown with the druid’s spells. Warriors turned into farmers.

Heca and his other family members were dying and Feng, who saw himself as a worhty druid, gave his pendant to Heca in the hopes to train Heca into a skillful sage that can solve the world’s problem. The Svipdagr family only has Heca who inherits the Sairyss race intellectual mind and agility thus, even though he’s a bit too young, his father inherited his pendant to Heca.

However, after a few days of training, the pendant gave a vision to Heca. The four elder dragons, in the form of spirits, contacted all the pendant owners of that world and told them that they are the last hope to save Naga. With it, Heca was dropped into a portal hole and it send him to the Core of Telia. He then knows that his objective is to look for astrals, where they can gain enough power or look for help to rebuild the Naga.

Other Facts:
-Heca is in his human form thus he doesn't have his wings but he can actually fly really good when he's in his dragon form
-Heca likes to eat and drink from a bowl, like a dog.
-Heca likes to chase people and annoy them. If he's bored he will try to get attention from people around him to end. If he doesn't get what he wants he'll shout. If he STILL doesn't get what he wants, he'll sulk in a corner
-As he is part animal he is drawn to characters that have animal attributes.
-He can recognize people who are really dangerous on the inside and people who looks dangerous on the outside but actually not that bad on the inside.
-He actually needs a MENTOR since he only got basic skills and he doesn't know what profession he's going to choose yet so anyone who wants to be a mentor for him let me know
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