Ryan (Green Gem) Picture

Real Name: Ryan M. Newman
Age: 30
Race: Human
Skin: white
Eyes: green
Hair: brown
Occupations: Hunter, Cryptid founder, Network member
Weakness: anything that can kill him
Personality: smart, mentor figure,
Dislikes: the undead, mean-spirited ghost,
Likes: Urban legends, myths, legends, mythology
Companions: The Writer, Ms. Emerald/Jade Green (Girlfriend), Gem/Sapphire/ Meg Stone, Jack/Daniel, Ace/Kristen, Aimee, Hao, Kyle, Shawn, Dr. Archangel, Howard Chaney
enemies: Dexter, Mad Man, The Crafter, Hayes Pain, Queen of Spade, Puppet King, Robert the doll, Lady in White of the Hollywood sign, Cult of Shadows
Abilities: Skills like a Hans or monster hunter, gem wielding

Story: Ryan is no stranger to the gems. In fact when he first established Cryptids he used blue and green gems to block away from supernatural life form. When Ms. Emerald gave up her gem, it came to Ryan. Ryan was dealing a supernatural ghost that is to believe the father of Topaz/Black Soul and Gaia. Ryan got the gem and learn that there is away to stop Black Soul.

fun fact:
1. Originally Jade's love interested was suppose to have a red gem. He was suppose to be the bad boy type, but then he became a she, therefore we got Ruby.
2. Ryan's love interested was suppose be a blond hair woman name Helen, to an orange hair woman named Randy, to well Ms. Emerald.
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