Isis App Picture

Name: Isis

Age: Unknown

Creature: Zoi Chrysallida - An evolved variant of a split path species. A very rare race moreso originating from mythology than normal selection. The Zoi is the opposing branch of the more destructive World Eater Isis was originally becoming. The events of the Moth Mouth Tournament, however, changed that.

A Zoi is connected across three planes to the world, mental, physical, and spiritually. The usually have a very nurturing aura, and abilities revolving around healing and purification. Whereas a World Eater is fueled by the injustices and pain of nature, eradicating it and everything else, a Zoi is a constant source of energy, channeling all surrounding essences to overwhelm any infliction.

Abilities: Though Zoi can harness powerful abilities, Isis is still getting used to her abilities. Her hair and body can accelerate or reverse ailments or resistance in the body and mind, serving as a powerful healer(if not one of the few natural healers in the mansion). With concentration she can also dive into spiritual plains for various reasons. Also her hair can serve as a dimensional rift, absorbing disease or attacks.

In fact the only real thing that makes Isis much of a terror is the fact her hair is still capable of smashing stuff. Keep it in mind.

Personality: Far less fractured than before, Isis is often a peppy and upbeat individual. She does her best to redirect bad things and find silver linings to them. That said she's still clumsy with social cues, often breaking social taboos without a care.

She's a keen minded girl, with a knack for puzzles and exploration. Now that she can retain information she enjoys learning and can often be spotted with a book in tow.

History: To be filled later

Likes: Fluffy things, long ears, books, riddles, medical trivia, making friends, helping out

Dislikes: Stubbornness, people who cause trouble for personal pleasure, certain individuals, idleness.

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