Cuauhtemoc Picture

As part of the squad of Tlacochcalcatl Cuetzpalin Axayacatl, Cuauhtemoc has helped militarily the Toltec people's expansion through the agile hegemony of the city of Tollan over their neighbor kingdoms, such as the Kaxaltecs, all while under the leadership of the wise Huemac. The proud Tlacochcalcatl, Axayacatl, was besides mentor, a friend for Cuauhtemoc, and has led alongside him all his squad on campaigns far south, reaching the borders of a Tahuantinsuyu ruled by Pariacaca.

The year 1000 a.C marked for those warriors the division of their lives and the coming of a new world: following naval battles against Pariacaca, a catastrophe stroke on the Toltecs led by Axayacatl and nevermore would they find their home at Tollan, instead, those who survived the wrath of the andean spirit of water, were awoken in the shores of Europe, then struck in combat between the rising christian northerners and the pagan & heathen norsemen, such as King Týr of Asgard, who had the difficult task to block the frontiers of Nifelheim, preventing the Jötunn from detaining political power over Asgard and its population.

The contact of the Toltecs with the Asgardians lasted for years, and culminated, through migrations, in the development of the Banterak culture. Decades after their installment on Alfheimr woods, their bonds with either Tollan and Asgard were gone, and Axayacatl's former prestige as Tlacochalcatl, gone. It was Cuauhtemoc who detained more influence, for he aided the norsemen in blocking Nifelheim and fighting back Jötunn. Even then, Cuauhtemoc wouldn't be able to fully prevent the destruction of a whole generation of Banterak people by the betrayal of one, his former mentor, and since then, in a thousand year lasting journey for revenge, Cuauhtemoc is found in the heat of battle, as Cuetzpalin or on an human host.
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