Aroha/ Tui Picture


"Did you hear about that wānanga happening next weekend? I've got a few extra vip passes that my one of my sources hooked me up with.

Maybe we could go together?"

Tui is our young beautiful friend who always has the best hook ups and connections where ever she goes. Here at Puna Pakihi she's our networking expert, who knows who to talk to about what. We all know the expression, "it's not what you know, but who you know", and Tui knows everyone.

Tui is a role model for effective communication and knows the value of keeping it light hearted. She's an advocate for building good rapport and is always on the edge of what is trending.

She is a representative for communicating the value of Mentorship and encourages us to get into contact with mentors to help us develop our skills.

As an up and coming Mana Wahine she has been gifted pounamu jewellery inspired by Ngai Tahu craftsmen

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