Melanie's Journey pt 2- Mandragora Picture

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TRIVA: Ok, for those of you who don't know, a Mandragora is a type of tree spirit/demon creature from mythology which are often said to be like grown up Mandrakes (living plant creatures known for their screaming. No not just in Harry Potter (c) J.K Rowling). Its one of my first times drawing one as well as making it a grotesquely funny one too. Now on with the story:

Miss Melanie Dirge looked up in a groggy manner after falling from the tree which she had been resting on. For there, she saw, a rather....small but grumpy creature resembling a tangled mess of roots, with almost wilted leaves for hair. From some of her lectures by her mentor raven Mr Nevermore, there's no doubt about it- this creature was a Mandragora. This Mandragora glared at her with a rather stern look, almost like she'd committed a crime.

Miss Melanie Dirge: AH I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to rest on your tree I....
Mandragora: You should be! Whoever must have taught you about resting on what isn't yours must have been bad at teaching you etiquette.
MD: *annoyed look* excuse me. I come from the town of Duskville- a place in the underworld known for class and some ettiquite. I have creature parental figures who raised me as well as a raven for my mentor figure. I know my 'please and thank yous', how to....
Mandragora: yes, but what about taking or eating or sleeping on what isn't yours? All these trees in this forest belong to me you know.
MD: *still annoyed* *sigh* I'm sorry but how was I supposed to know that a Mandragora were to own an entire small forest full of trees, let alone able to command and speak to them?
Mandragora: *annoyed look with rolling eyes* Oh boy....strange humans and creatures of civilian places and thier ways of not understanding the natural ways...*sigh* but still, I'm just glad that you apologised for sleeping on one of my trees and not harm them. If anyone tries to harm my trees, *fiesty voice* I will be merciless and....*calm voice* nah, you don't want to know.....but just to let you know, you are lucky I'm not one of the fiercest creatures in the underworld.
MD: *wipes forehead* So... about people sleeping or resting on your trees*tilts her head and wonders*I take you are not too fond of birds or small animals sleeping or making nests in them? Oh and by the way, I do know my lesson on not taking what is mine, just to clear up.
Mandragora: Well..... birds and small animals and non-civilian place creatures are different. I tend to be more friendly with them, plus I seem to understand their ways moreso than those from snooty upper class built towns. Its good to know you are an upper class strange human who has been taught to understand etiquette, quite a few upper class humans and especially creatures I run into are often snooty and disgustingly rude for so-called elegant 'creatures of the night'.... *cringes* Oh- especially them Vampires and thier so-called flashy powers. They can be SO obnoxious!
MD: Er...Mr Mandragora- I have friends who are vampires, and they aren't always that rude....
Mandragora: Oh, sorry, I didn't mean all. I ment a lot- as in SOME. Plus I'm pretty sure that you've gotten into trouble with vampires before have you, so you can see where I'm coming from?
MD: *thinks about all her past experiences with vampires- both friends and nuisances* Yes, I have. I see what you mean though.
Mandragora: That's good. Besides, I think you may figured that I prefer being friends with werefolk and anthro animals or the lower classed undead seeing as...hey! You didn't get to introduce yourself. I'm so sorry, but what is your name? Also, What are you doing here?
*Miss Dirge then explains things about herself and why she is doing out here*
Mandragora: Ah I see. I'm sorry to hear about what happened between you and your friend back at Duskville and how you are suffering so hard outside your comfort zone. But I think its good that an upper class person like you is going on some sort of redemption journey to try to be a better person. Perhaps since you may be staying for a couple of nights here, I can try and help. Since this is a forest, I will probably teach you ways of getting food the natural way. Care for some learning on how to be a gatherer?
MD: Er....ok *worried look* I've never tried doing too rugged survival skill things like these before but I'll try....
Mandragora: Don't worry, I'll show you step by step. Be warned though- I'm not always patient, but I'll try my best.
MD: thanks
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