Miriam Gavrielle Picture

Full Name- Miriam Louisa Arcturus Gavrielle
Alias (s) - Viktoria
Date of Birth- Aral(6)/10/130 A.G. (131 B.E.)
Age- 197 yrs old
Eyes- Red
Hair- Blonde
Height- 5'5'' (cm)
Weight- 131 lbs
Sex- Epicene (hermaphrodite)
Nationality- Kolonian
Occupation- Seamstress, opera singer, writer
Interests- Theology, arte, sorcery, musik, mythology, psychology, Penumbra history, novella, fashion, traveling
Hobby (s) – Viol, piano, lyre, harp, ocarina, singing, dancing, cooking, gardening, diary, reading, sewing

After the Penumbra Hunter, Martine Catherbee, having extended his life by drinking the blood of Penumbra revealed himself to the Gavrielles, they left Rema and Magnolia behind to face the threat alone. The prospect of facing a full order of hunters was deadly, even for one and partially awakened Penumbra. For a time Cachusa was able to outmaneuver and plan for their battle. Miriam would not leave her side, determined to perish with her mother if need be. Despite their experience and cunning, Martine trapped them in North Saggio, but the pair cornered the company in a tower.

However, Martine's madness was fargone, and he conjured a powerful spell that obliterated the tower and killed all save Miriam; Cachusa flung Miriam from the tower at the last moment. Unable to find her mother in the rubble before authorities came upon the scene, Miriam plotted her revenge and tracked down the remaining members of the hunters to their village. There, Viktoria emerged and slaughtered indiscriminate of man, woman or child; all else was destroyed by using Martine's destructive arte against them. Her actions and loss led her to give up her will, even for Rema.

The next chapter in Viktoria/Miriam's life was led as a paramour in Nuefrost, having resigned herself to the fate of many Nisrian females desperate or too destitute to escape their position. Her beauty made her popular while her mouth made her a thorn to her handlers and fellow peers. Her dual sex created a new market for the more depraved and fetishized clientele, both men and women. Her only companion had been a runty dragyn babe she stole from selling as a delicacy. When her under-dealings had been discovered by her pimp, they ransacked the valuables, killed her pet and burned down the lodgings. In her hunt for them, she discovered the untimely death of a friend tied to it. Ultimately, this led to the murders of the men and Viktoria fled once more.

In the kingdom of Midwane, she found herself in the care of a mysterious Penumbra noble, Count Reqa Ambrose. A sanguine bond was felt between them and grew, becoming the first father figure to her she could remember. Discovering his past and reuniting him with what he believed was lost (can't reveal these details

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