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The man who would become Koldun was a member of a tribe of Siberian Yupiks. The latest in a long line of shamans dating back to before the Mongols, he was raised with the prospect of inheriting the role of shaman and emissary to the northern gods, great and powerful animal spirits whose blessing fell upon the tribes. However, when he reached his teens he rebelled against his upbringing, and ran away. He joined the military, and eventually was assigned to be an officer aboard a submarine stationed out of Validvostok. But the ghosts of his past would not leave him. After hearing the sounds of a pod of whales passing the vessel, his dreams became increasingly disturbed. The gods of his tribe visited him in these dreams, displeased with his rejection of his heritage. He was forced to partake in a number of vision quests, preparation for his role as shaman. The final quest lasted for several days, and when he was found he was presumed dead, only to revive at the morgue alive. The news of this incident reached the KGB, who recruited him into their superhuman agent program. However, one day he mysteriously vanished, leaving no evidence as to where he had gone.

For several years rumors and myths began to arise regarding a wandering man, a purported seer and mystic who sought no one and reportedly called upon the spirits of beings from beyond. These rumors served to create the mythical figure called "Koldun," The Sorcerer. In reality, all of the rumors and tales of this mysterious figure were the result of Koldun's own activities, now active in his assumed role of shaman.

Shortly after the formation of the Dezhurtsva Soyuz, the team confronted a horde of monstrosities plaguing villages in the Ural Mountains. This proved to be a trap, as they found themselves transported into a parallel dimension housing the immensely powerful vampritic entity Apananov. The demon had designs upon Lady Midday, but found his plans foiled when Koldun intervened, sensing two great powers in the mountains. While the rest of the heroes battled Apananov's minions and searched for an escape, the shaman confronted the demon and through his rituals activated the latent godhood within the previously mortal Lady Midday. Joining their collective powers together, they defeated Apananov and returned back to Russia. Nightingale, impressed by the shaman's skill, offered a position for him to join the Dezhurtsva Soyuz. Knowing that Lady Midday would require guidance through her transition into a goddess, Koldun accepted the offer.

As a shaman, Koldun possesses many skills and abilities of a magical nature. He is able to call upon animals and communicate with them, or summon their spirits as familiars, acting as a medium for their spiritual essences. These abilities stem to many bizarre and mythical creatures not known in the real world. In addition, he is a skilled healer and exorcist, can travel dimensions (either physically or through astral projection), and carries a variety of totems, amulets, and other tools in a backpack. However, Koldun's most notable power is the ability to shapeshift into four animals: a wolf, a raven, a spider, and an orca. Besides regular transformations, he can also assume gigantic versions of each that vary wildly in size based on his whim.

Koldun's a rather unique character in that he has more to do with the Inuit than with traditional Russian culture (though folks tend to forget the fact that Alaska was a part of Russia for a number of years before they sold it to us). What most don't realize is that Russia is home to a huge number of ethnicities, many of whom aren't even Caucasian.

Koldun is pretty much the magical expert in the group. Anything mythological or extradimensional is his domain, so he tends to be the main planner when such threats arise. He's a mentor and guardian for Lady Midday, and essentially treats her like a daughter; similarly, she looks up to him as a father, and he is one of the only people she has contact with on a regular basis. He has been trying to help ease the young woman's adjustment into godhood, hoping she will be able to come into her own without losing her humanity in the process. So far, her rather isolated and shy personality isn't a good sign. In addition, Koldun has a working relationship with Chernorda, and he seems to genuinely respect her, even if he disagrees with some of her borderline anarchic beliefs. The insectoid symbiotes bonded to her continue to baffle him.

Though loyal to the DS, Koldun serves a higher authority in the form of a pantheon of animal gods; he has been entrusted with carrying out their will, and they will not tolerate resistance from him. As a result, Koldun tends to be gone frequently, often taking Lady Midday with him on these missions. Even Nightingale knows little about these activities.

In combat Koldun tends to remain in the rear. He has very few offensive abilities to speak of, so he serves a support role, often covering his allies or distracting enemies with illusions. When he feels the need to take a more active role, he will transform into one of his four different forms and enter the fray as needed.

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