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Tiny mimic friend! Oh, and also giant monster friend!
She's a human who was cursed into a mindless beast, and during her journey to recover her lost sentience and memories she picked up a small squishy sidekick fellow. He's the opposite- he sucks at his predatory instincts, and wants you to take him under your wing as a mentor of scaryness! Thus begins the duo's quest together to become less monstery and more monstery!
Its an idea that I wish could be an RPG or something??? Like.. dungeon crawley + lotsa puzzles/cryptograms to put your human mind back together piece by piece.

I haven't developed much about the main character except that she was both sorta evil and sorta self-destructive as a human, and that's the theme of the memory fragments you gather thoughout the game. The disquieting knowledge that maybe you were no better in your past life, and maybe you deserve your fate...
Basically she was a famous warrior who gradually got more and more hardened, cynical and bloodthirsty over the years due to the toll of war. She started off becoming strong in order to protect others, but stopped caring and began to only fight for money.. or even just to distract herself from the crushing boredom and depression of life. She became a soldier, then a mercenary, and then merely a common bandit. And gained the ominous nickname "Totekind".
She didn't actually kill children, she was just (kinda deservedly) demonized as a bogeyman amoung the locals. And she was afraid that maybe someday she would stoop that low after all, because she kept surrendering every other piece of her honor the more she stopped caring about people...
So its kind of a "Beauty and the Beast" story where becoming a monster leads to a lot of life lessons and restoration of her "humanity", so to speak. Ultimately by the end of the adventure she'll have become a true hero again! Well, hopefully- depending on the player's actions.

I usually only draw cute fluffy things and fail at everything else, so I'm not sure if this design is creepy enough. Lol, its still fluffy! I can't stop myself! But then again it shouldn't be too creepy since she IS the protagonist after all. XD
She's kinda just "a beast" in general, but also sorta based on the Wendigo. (Mythological eternally-hungry ice spirit/demon that was once an evil human supernaturally punished for their crimes. Said to happen to cannibals, or sometimes just sinners in general.)
This one is based on the more modern "evil yeti" interpretation, while in the past I've also drawn a few Wendigo-based monsters using the other "15 foot tall wind-walking starvation victim zombie" design. Usually that design is far, far more interesting and unique, so I went out of my way to jazz this one up so it doesn't suck so much. The mouth is based on the humanoid version though, they were sometimes missing lips, nails or toes. Either because of frostbite or because they're so hungry that they started chewing pieces of themselves...
Random additional trivia: there's another monster from Buddhist and Sikh lore that's quite similar- the Preta! However this version is physically unimposing and meant to emphasize the pathetic nature of the sinner rather than the terror of such deep evil. So they're like the goblin-sized equivelant! Their throat is so thin that it hurts to swallow, and they're compelled to eat repugnant things such as rotten flesh, animal poo, or even shards of glass.

General summary of the entire idea = tiny mimic friends are cute, also it sucks that ladies almost never get a plot about becoming some massive hellbeast that can rip a man in half with its bare hands.
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