Rema Picture

Rema Merloci

Full Name- Rema Cetrine Merloci

Alias (s) - Transient Notte

Date of Birth- Aral 6/15/72 SE

Eyes- Grey

Hair- Black

Height- 5’7’’ (168 cm)

Weight- 124lbs

Gender- Female

Nationality- Isalmian

Occupation- Ematus Sercia Transient

Interests- Traveling, Niserology, musik, armed combat, mythology, novella

Hobby (s) - Horse-back riding, reading, gardening, writing in diary, training

The daughter of a disgraced soldier and farmer’s daughter, Rema dreamed of becoming a knight. By doing this, she would redeem her family and follow her own personal ambition. Enduring her father’s abuse, she was saved in many ways by a Penumbra by the name of Miriam. They became close very quickly, leading Miriam to choose Rema as her Blood Companion. After Miriam’s disappearance, Rema put her dream of becoming a female swordsman into motion.

After much discrimination, Rema finally happened to be discovered by a foreign swordswoman, Daniyah Keshpa. She would become her first mentor and give her the chance to prove herself in Isalme’s military. This too was no easy feat, yet fortune smiled upon her again with the chance meeting of the Princess of Isalme, Aosta Piras and General Amadnel Megiddo. Not only did Rema succeed, she exceeded all expectations. To fully utilize her abilities, Megiddo handpicked her for Isalme’s Special Forces.

2nd in command of Ematus Sercia, Rema felt she had attained her dream, but would be a life-long duty. . Piecing that part of her life together. Following a lead on an investigation, she tracked down a group of mercenaries from Surlvhal with orders from an official. Able to rescue one of their targets and sheltering family’s daughter, the rest perished in the fire or at the hands of the mercenaries....

*A lot more to go for hers, but a matter of getting around to it. Stories are all in my head currently.
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