Trouble Comes in Three Picture

Introducing the batch of antagonists that I mentioned before! A coven of mages with different animal motifs and basis in luck mythology. Let's meet the bunch, shall we?

Sable Koshka: A former Russian gymnast with a penchant not just in dealing with luck, but with the gambling tables as well. She is able to transform into a black cat at will, or partially obtain a cat's abilities of night vision, reflexes and grace.

Her names mean: Sable = black Koshka = Cat, referencing the old black cat myth about bad luck. Also, Black Russian. Just saying.

Corbin Seeger: A former football player with promise and talent. Due to a devastating injury that cost him his eye, he was unable to play anymore. Desperate, he delved in magic to try and regain what he had lost, but was unable to. Interested and now a believer in the arts, he practices spells to make him stronger and more capable even without his eye. He is not just another dumb jock; he is an intelligent man with a taste for poetry. He can transform into a raven.

His name Corbin means Raven and his last name is a reference to Alan Seeger, a soldier and a poet who wrote "I Have a Rendezvous with Death". Ravens are connected with death.…

Hakim Zaman: The leader of the coven. A very, very old and VERY powerful sorcerer. He acts as mentor and teacher to the younger two members of the coven. With centuries worth of knowledge and experience, he is a very wise and knows much of the magical world. Demons, artifacts, creatures, etc are all part of his personal library. He can transform into an owl.

His names mean: Hakim = Wise Zaman = time, age, era (referring to his elderly state.

Of course, these are all just the ROUGH stuff, there are still some polishing left to do, but yeah, there they are! Much love to you guys for helping me out with these guys. This new batch of Cazador antagonists are gonna be fun to use down the road.

Their name?


Corbin: We are NOT calling ourselves that...

Hakim: There are more important things in this world than to bicker over labels.

Yeah...still working on group ID

Cazador and characters belong to me.
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