Spirit and Host Picture

Concept sketches for showing the changes that come with the Wendigo curse, as well as expression practice with Wendigo and his current host Jacques Broussard. If I ever get around to writing this chapter story idea I have Jacques will play a more active role. He will have a chance to fight Wendigo to regain control of his body while the spirit makes a small town his new hunting ground.
The Parasite's Perspective A mind called across the frozen land. Take me. I am yours.

Wendigo heard. A new gust of wind kicked up and pushed between snow-powdered evergreens. A doe watching for predators while the rest of the herd foraged turned her head. She fixed her eyes on a cluster of trees, which parted with the phantom sound of cougar's claws digging into bark. She snorted and the herd scattered.

Long ago it absorbed the life energy from such
creatures. It amplified the harshness of winter and fed off the weak things that succumbed to cold and starvation. That was a simple existence. With the shaman's invitation to punish those who defiled the dead it learned

It’s been fun fleshing out Jacques’ backstory a bit more. He is the kind of guy in a group of friends who hates seeing people argue and will try to ease the tension with jokes. He has a meek personality, and often prefers to follow others who he perceives to be smarter or more confident than himself. After arriving in Canada to start a new life he met Raymond, an older trapper who became a mentor and close friend. Raymond convinced him to venture into unknown territory in search of better trapping routes with a colleague, Pierre, and the three got lost. Starvation revealed Jacques’ selfish nature and he turned on Pierre to survive, invoking the Wendigo curse. Raymond was more pure of heart and managed to avoid this fate, but became the spirit’s first prey. After 300 years of watching Wendigo maul people Jacques has become somewhat numb to it, but would still do anything to make it stop. His current personality has absorbed some of Wendigo’s traits, such as a short attention span. If anyone has the power to communicate with his trapped soul his speech will drift between normal, incoherent babbling, and pleas for them to kill his body and end the curse.

Wendigo is as much cursed as the hosts he takes. He is a winter spirit who was tricked by an insane medicine man to punish people who committed cannibalism. He cannot feel full no matter how much he eats, but the sensation is addictive and keeps driving him to seek new prey. He fends off hunger and boredom by giving in to his curious nature, studying humans and trying to pass for one. Despite his ferocity he is far from fearless, and may flee from situations that threaten to damage his host’s body faster than he can repair it. Fire is especially terrifying, since it leaves wounds that take days to heal. Any technology that produces even a small amount of fire or heat may be enough to bluff him into leaving potential prey alone.

I still don’t have my scanner back, so I’m trying something new. Materials- graphite, photographed and colored in Photoshop.
Background texture stock [link]
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