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I just wanted to make a ref. of my fantroll Levian Jormungandr's ancestor. :3 (So with the occasion I also write the backstory, and stuff like that. xd)

He was a legislacelator before Neophyte Redglare's coming, being to her first a mentor and then more like a friend. They've later been called "Draconian Moiraillegiance" as they'd work together into making the law be respected.
Supporter of the Sufferer's ideals, he was killed shortly after that Redglare was hung by the same Mindfang, who took control over his mind, making him stab himself to death with Redglare's cane.

Zodiacal Sign --> Ophiuchus ( or Serpentarius)
Blood --> Bright Green
Pre-Scratch Self --> Alphard Jormungandr
Descendant --> Levian Jormungandr

Matesprit = ???
Moirail = Neophyte Redglare
Kismesis = ???
Auspitice = ???

His appearance is based on the one of Loki from The Avengers, but he's also inspired to the mythologic Norse myths. His Pre-scratch self and his Descendant's last name is "Jormungandr", the serpent born from Loki's union with a giant and also a reference to his sign, the Ophiuchus, "snake bearer".

Loki was also condemned by the gods to be tied on a rock with a snake over him, corroding his skin with its poison.
The two snakes the Ancestor has on symbolize both of the snakes, the one of the Nordic myth and the Zodiacal sign's one.

Pre-Scratch version of himself is called "Alphard", as the brightest star in the Hydra constellation, and his descendant "Levian" is a pun on the Leviathan, the sea creature at times described as a giant snake.

He and Reglare being "The Draconian Moirallegiance" is a pun to the Draconian laws and to the first Greek legislator. Also in ancient Greek, the word "drakon" meant "firm stare" or something, referring more to reptiles in general and then became meaning for "dragon".

Fantroll (c) me
Homestuck (c) A. Hussie
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