The Mythical Phoenix Bird-01 Picture

"I do not Edit or Crop any of my photos".

I was going to delete this photo since it was so blurred due to how high the trees in my gazebo area are and was trying my very best to take a photo of one of the very largest butterflies i have seen as of yet.
But i showed this photo to some people, whom said and thought the very same thing as i did that it reminded them of the Phoenix.
I did google it under this; phoenix bird and viewed so much and far to much info about it.
A.K.A. Fire bird/ Firebird & so one, which is a sacraed firebird in the mythologies (mythology) of many cultures through out ancient times.
I think this kinda explains why for almost a month that i kept dreaming (which i do not dream unless something happens or i need to do something) of my 3 heros & mentors (May they all R.I.P.) One of them when i was a very young teenager gave me a gift that's a beautiful decantor that has the Phoenix on it and only 4 were left, my family had 3 of them, but the other 2 sold them for a lot of money, which is something i would never do because of the beautiful memory i have and how you don't do that kind of thing when a family or a friend gives you such a gift like that.
That butterfly is not inside that wire mess, it's outside and seems to be kinda like you can see through the butterfly wings, which makes people think it's inside and not outside.
With My Love,
Ms. P.
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