Summoning - Cover Picture

New idea for a comic
Top - Miali-vilain Olivia - the mentor and Alec - Vilain
Bottom - Keith - can summon the wind spirit, Amy - can summon the water spirit, Jake - can summon the fire spirit, Damien - can summon the life spirit, Barbara - can summon the death spirit, Danielle - can summon the love spirit, Allexander - can summon the hate spirit and Sam - can summon the earth spirit.

Got this idea yesterday, it goes somewhat like this -
Fairytales and mythology is real, and the characteristic objects from each fairytale have been stolen and hidden by Miali, the evil goddess. The creator spirits are once more needed, Olivia, the protector of them, has the task of choosing the people who will summon them and retrieve the itens.
Unsuspecting, eight young adults are chosen and then their lives turn upside down. Thrown in a world where good and evil co-exist and everything they thought fantasy is real, they have to retrieve the objects before its too late.

1st page - [link]
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