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Don't really know what to say other than some character info., and I really like how these came out (though Kirill's headshot is months old! but the rest are brand new).

Bastet is the scraggly haired bearded hunk. Aphrodite is the hot chick with her hair thrown over her shoulder. I love them so much; they're Enu's family/mentors. They're both a mixture of various mythological deities, and are my own characters as opposed to their particular namesakes. They're gods, but not divine; they're manifestations of humans' beliefs. Hohoho~.

We've got Sanuye in there too, and her dress design (I actually spelled her name wrong when I wrote it down on her pic! ahahahahaa). Also Suraya, ~babiie's persona. They're a crazy hot item. O:

characters and art ----> ~Kidege
except for Suraya who is ----> ~babiie
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