PRC Sacred Hearth Beast Picture

After a few episodes of Aaron joining the rangers, they've pretty much accepted him as one of their own, and by now they've been able to combines their megazords. The combined megazord(The Olympian Ultrazord) is basically the Olympian megazord riding the Spartan Quadriga around. The finisher is Stampeding Slash, where the Megazord slashes their powered up weapon at high speeds thanks to the Quadriga. Still, though, in the back of Aaron's mind, he feels guilty for all the pain he's caused the rangers, despite all of their condolences. Aaron is given his own Sanctuary in Olympy at the base of Zoe's Mountaintop Sanctuary, the Battlefield Sanctuary, which is also the rangers' new training ground. Kronos, angered by Aaron's betrayal, waits until all of the rangers are asleep and uses his power to enter Olympy. There, he takes Hera's life, killing her and leaving the rangers without a mentor. The rangers awake from her scream and rush to her chambers in time to find her body evanesce into energy and her spirit flying into Kronos' palm. He tells the rangers he is not to blame, Aaron is. If he hadn't rebelled, Kronos wouldn't have had to punish him in this way. Kronos uses up the rest of his power to transport away. Now Aaron feels even worse, and so he leaves for a few days, trying to make it up to the rangers by searching for what he called the Sacred Hearth. This expedition serves as his redemption in his eyes, even though the Rangers' don't blame him for Hera's death. Kronos sends a monster to attack the rangers while Aaron is out of the picture to occupy them. Aaron tells in his letter of one Last Olympian, the goddess who is always there at the base of everything--Lady Hestia. Even if she died, her spirit wouldn't be passed on to a child as she was a maiden goddess, but to her most sacred symbol, The Sacred Hearth. Minnie researches and tells the rangers that Hestia was the Goddess of the Hearth. She represented home and safety in Ancient Greek times, and she tended to the hearth on Olympus. As it turns out, the sacred fire that burns in Olympy, the very one Hera stole away from Olympus, was the fire Hestia tended. Her spirit is locked inside, only needing an outlet to be released. That is where Aaron is going, to find Hestia's Sacred Hearth. His travels lead him to a secluded field of Purple Coneflowers on top of Mt. Olympus. Purple Coneflowers were a symbol of Hestia, and Aaron suspects Her spirit to be hidden away in one of the flowers due to their odd location. 1) They are at the very top of Mt. Olympus, and 2) They're native to North America, not the Mediterranean. Stepping onto the Mountain brings back bad memories from when he raided Olympus, but it also serves as a way to be rid of them. Aaron prays to Demi, who holds the spirit of Demeter, to forgive him for what he is about to do.Taking out a flamethrower, he burns all of the flowers away, all except for one. That one flower is immune to the fire, and in facts harbors it in its center. Plucking the flower, it grows and transforms into the sacred hearth.

Rushing back to Olympy, Aaron holds up the Sacred Hearth to the Divine Flame, and a piece of it jumps into the Hearth. The flame grows until it is tinged with gold, and a face appears in the fire--Lady Hestia. Hestia serves as the Rangers' new mentor, and also they're mini-zord a la the Road Attack Zord or DaiGoyou from Shinkenger. Hestia is much more subtle in comparison to Hera, as she rarely ever gets angry and is always comforting to the rangers. She can only speak when a part of her flame burns in the Sacred Hearth. In battle, Zoe can hold up the Sacred Hearth and summon a piece of the Divine Flame. The flame flies from her I-Phone into the Hearth, and the hearth transforms, becoming armor for the flaming body of Hestia. Hestia can grow to Megazord size as well, and fight alongside the megazord.

The Finisher is called "Burning Blitz" rather than "Divine Blitz". The flames of Hestia abandon the armor and possess the megazord, and they perform their normal finisher with the added power of Hestia.

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