References Picture

A bunch of OCs of mine…because I have this idea for an rpg and I love drawing character references.

Ieuan (left): Known as the “Korat of Cardiff”, Ieuan is the head of the Welsh and English departments of “The Organisation”. At 172, he’s older than most of his current colleagues and far more experienced. He’s in charge of a huge number of mythological creatures and beings in the England and Welsh area and protects them from other humans and vice versa. He’s famous for having great diplomatic skills and for having studied under the tutelage of the famous Margaret the Dragonslayer. Ieuan has been granted minor shapeshifting and summoning abilities as well as access to the realms of the mythological creatures he’s working with. His nickname “Korat” comes from his velvet grey hair that looks a lot like the fur of Korat cats.
In his free time, Ieuan plays e-violin in a metal bandand enjoys long walks in the countryside.

Eoin (middle): Ieuan’s former PA and protégé, Eoin is now working in the Edinburgh department of “The Organisation” and is slowly making himself known as a skilled manager of mythological creatures and an exquisite hunter and tamer of kelpies. At 28, he’s one of the youngest members of “The Organisation” but he’s already proven his worth. Despite having a different job now, he still sometimes works as Ieuan’s PA because he’s very fond of his former mentor.
Being still rather new to “The Organisation”, Eoin struggles with seperating his work-life from his private life but he’s slowly getting the knack of it. He hasn’t been granted any magical abilities yet but, like Ieuan, he has access to all the realms of mythological creatures and beings.

Maggie: Known as “Dragonslayer Maggie”, Maggie is the head of all Ireland departments (including North Ireland) and former head of all England departments. She’s far older than even Ieuan at 346 and she’s the go-to gal when it comes to dragon-related troubles. After years of working together, she’s still married to her colleague Cieran who is also her second in command. Maggie has been granted various magical abilities, including the power to increase her physical strenght and endurance which helps her greatly in catching dragons. Even though she’s known as the Dragonslayer, she actually avoids hurting dragons unless she has no other choice. Most of the time she’s getting on with them just fine.
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