Ahkward: Influence Map 2014 Picture

So this was suggested to me by one of my friends through a few notes, and I think it might be something I needed, as far as the art block portion is concerned. Plus it doesn't make me draw anything... so I stayed up all night thinking and digging though old folders, and art bins, boxes and sketchbooks trying to find what used to inspire me so much.

Okami: How many times have I ranted about this? My all time biggest influence, namely in my style as many of you have noticed. I have well beaten this game hundreds of times, and I still play it on occasion. I think it came out in 2005? e____e It's been almost 10 years, geebus. I worked hard to earn this game and I have a tradition where over Winter break from classes I pick a day, or a few and play Okami non-stop as long as possible... Usually I go about 24-36 hours. Then I just have too much to do.

Atlantis: I freaking loved this movie. It came out in theaters on my town on my birthday I believe when I was younger. Either that, or we all just went to see it that day. Either way, I have remained obsessed with this movie. I feel so strongly connected to Milo and totally understand him. I was so angry and sad and happy, just even now, I get upset when a certain character dies in that movie! Plus, the eye candy of all that art and nature and magic-like stuff is just. -drools-

Grandmother Willow: She is one badass tree. Enough said.

Avatar: I actually LIKE the plot. -shot- PLus you have all the eyecandy with the nature and tribal stuff and the message. THE MESSAGE is the coolest thing about it. ;-; It's so true and in my opinion I am very happy he made this movie, though I wish people would be more on board with trying to be more responsible humans. All around I LOVE this movie.
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