:EBC: Atropos -dead character- Picture

||General Information||

Pronounced: "Ah-tro-poes"
Atropos is one of the three Fates in Greek mythology, the severer of the life-thread.

||Other Information||

|Cocky| |Devious| |Sarcastic| |Ruthless| |Friendly|

Atropos knows he is good at, well, everything. He believes full heartedly that he is the best at everything, and nothing will prove him otherwise.


This serval is fluent in sarcasm. Most of the time, Atropos is subtle with his sarcasm, and it can be lost on some cats. There are times when Atropos just doesn't care enough to make it subtle, and will be very snarky and rude about it.

Nothing will stop this serval from reaching his goal. He will hurt, maim, or kill to get what he wants, and he won't hesitate to use dirty tricks.

There are a few felines that have the honor of being called his friend. However, once he does become friends with someone, he is quite friendly, though he is still quite a bit of a jackass.


Atropos was born an only cub. His parents sent him to be trained as a fighter as soon as he was a moon old. His teacher was an older caracal, long since retired from the bounty hunters. The caracal was very strict, and often clawed him when he couldn't perform an attack correctly. By the end of each day, the caracal would send Atropos home, exhausted and usually cut to hell. If there were ever wounds severe enough, Atropos would be allowed enough time for them to heal before going back to train. Over time, as he got bigger and older, Atropos was able to eventually start fighting against the caracal on par. The caracal still was strict with Atropos, though he became rather attached to the young serval, and the serval to him. At around 6 moons, Atropos was able to beat his mentor nearly every time they fought. Now that he was able to beat his mentor, he was to be pitted against one of the coliseum fighters. It was an older and larger cheetah. At first Atropos was unable to fight the cheetah, as he had never fought against a faster opponent, but after dodging and studying the cats' movements, he was able to successfully take down the fighter.

|Young adult|
Atropos' parent's were pleased to hear that their son, a cub of only 6 moons, was able to dispatch a fully grown, and fully trained cat. But that was not enough for them. During the night while the young serval was asleep, they sent in 2 cats to attack him. Immediately, Atropos' was alert and fought against his opponents. After dispatching those two, while attaining several injuries himself, he went to sleep. This happened night after night. They would send in one more cat each night. On the seventh night, he had 8 opponents to fight. This however, was the night of the new moon, and it was pitch black. Atro could only see the vague shapes of the cats with which he fought. After a long fight, quite a few harmful injuries, and two of his opponents turning on themselves, he passed out. Come the next morning, he awoke before anyone had a chance to move the cats' corpses. Horror filled him when he realized that his mentor, the caracal, was one of his opponents the previous night. Looking down at his claws, he saw that he had a clump of his mentors fur wedged in his claws. His parents came in and told him that this was the only way for Atropos' to kill his emotions. They had sent him to the caracal for moons, and after that time, they knew that their cub would form a bond with his mentor. They figured that if he killed the only cat that he truly had a bond with, he would become a perfect fighting machine. Atropos hated his parent's for what they had caused him to do. So, filled with rage, he attacked them, something they never accounted for, and slaughtered them. After that, he ran. For months, Atropos lived on the outskirts of the city, a small section of the outskirts where the poor humans lived. The humans there took a liking to the serval, and often slipped him small pieces of meat, or a small bowl of water. He was grateful to the humans, and there was one small girl that he became rather fond of. She was a young thing, and she held no fear for him. She was actually the very first person that fed him. She saw a young, very skinny cat, and went out with a small piece of meat for him. At that point, he was so weak, that he tried to swipe out at her, but couldn't even manage that. She smiled and put the meat in front of him, unperturbed that he had tried to attack her. After he ate, she pat his head and went inside. After a couple days of her coming out, feeding him, and leaving after giving him a pat on the head, he came to, begrudgingly, like her.

After several months of living like this, word got spread around of a young cat belonging to no body, and it wasn't long before a couple bounty hunters came looking for Atropos. They offered him a place in their ranks, and after a bit of thought, Atropos agreed. They said that they were going to make him an apprentice, but he refused. After showing the leader his skills, it was agreed that he could join as a full hunter. The young serval was happy that he would be able to put his skills to use, and even more happy that he would be able to feel the thrill of the fight again. There are still times when Atropos goes back to visit the girl who fed him from time to time.

More to be added as I roleplay with Atro.

Atropos' armor is completely symmetrical. He had a back plate going from his shoulders to midway down his thighs, separating in the middle just enough for his tail to fit through. His stomach, chest, and hind legs are protected by a strong, sturdy leather. He has two shoulder guards that are circular. Lastly, he has two front paw gloves that have 4 claw like spikes on each one.

Mother: Polaris
Father: Marctavious

Avita [Alive, though he has no knowledge that she even exists]
Tobias [Deceased, has no knowledge of former existence]

Mate: none
Kits: none

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