Rema Cetrine Merloci Picture

Full Name- Rema Cetrine Merloci
Alias (s) - Transient Notte
Date of Birth- Aral 6/15/72 SE
Age- 40 yrs old
Eyes- Grey
Hair- Black
Height- 5’7’’ (168 cm)
Weight- 130lbs (58.9 kg)
Sex- Female
Nationality- Isalmian
Occupation- Sellsword
Interests- Traveling, Niserology, music, martial artes, mythology, dance
Hobby (s) - Manteen-back riding, reading, gardening, diary, training

After her father's untimely disappearance, Rema took up her mother's maiden name and with the Miriam and Cachusa, traveled Catheel together for nearly twenty years. The Gavrielle's past caught up with them in the form of a urinium flower left by Martine Catherbee, a Penumbra Hunter kept alive on the blood of Penumbra he had murdered. Rema understood Miriam leaving her after nearly twenty years, though the promise of returning seemed far off.

For a time, Rema and her mother returned to her grandmother's gypsy caravan, or distant family. Believing it time to follow her dream, Rema set out on her own to travel and seek out sword masters and learn as much as she could about the art of combat and the sword. The most influential were the few female practitioners at that time; Lady Tress, Divya, and Cu'lomi.

Cu'lomi and Gundogwe's mercenary band was just one of the two she joined during her sojourneying, befriending their daughter, Harleen and trained together. Another took her to Nuefraust under the famous mercenary Ferdinand, who had passed before she could meet him. During her time there she mentored his young twins, Karlen and Kalmia.

Remaining a nameless swordswoman for many years with countless adventures under her belt, she and her mother eventually returned to Isalme for Rema to fulfill her promise to do what her father could not; become a knight.

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