ASOIAF_Petyr Baelish + Sansa Stark_Kissed by Fire Picture

His hand fisted itself into the fabric of her dress, trembling while the rest of him remained motionless.

Sansa kissed the scar, overcome by the sheer size of it on his narrow frame. She had seen scars before. On the other Lords who had never had their swords out of sight. On knights. On sellswords. On her father whenever he spoke of family and honour.

No matter what, Sansa could not imagine a sword in Petyr’s grip. Instead the only image that came to her when she tried to think of him with a sword was of his demise. The thought clenched her heart and she immediately put it out of her head.

She pressed yet another kiss to his scar and asked, “Who would hurt my mockingbird?”


I absolutely love this pairing! It plays to so many of my favourite tropes: the hades/persephone mythology, mentor/protegee. teacher/student, older man/younger woman, duality...So, the piece was done entirely on Sai.

I chose to make Sansa's hair a cross between red and a mousy brown. I really wanted to convey that this was Sansa fanart, and at the same time I wanted to make it clear that this was taking place at the Eyrie. Furthermore, I wanted to viewers to see this not as Sansa playing the part of Alayne and kissing Petyr, I wanted viewers to see this as Sansa kissing Petyr. The blue of her dress was also supposed to emphasize on her Tully mother and her innocence, despite being on the verge of corruption by Petyr. Petyr's colouring was not too difficult to decide on.

I chose earthy looking tones to play up his role as a 'Lord of Modest Means', but the blue underclothes does have some intentional symbolism. I wanted to portray that despite the face he shows to the world, he had been innocent at one time. Perhaps even more innocent than Sansa. However, the darker blue suggests that his original views of innocence has been darkened since he was a boy. But the blue between them is meant to show an infinity, that inside he is a kindred spirit to her.

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